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    Default 1996 Chevy selling problems???

    So I have a 1996 Chevy 1500, 5.7 Z71 with one tiny patch of surface rust on the passenger rocker underneath the extended cab section, other than that, the truck is basically spotless. It has push button 4 wheel drive, brand new tires, good sounding dual exhaust and has never been beat. I have been trying to sell it to upgrade to a newer silverado and have had 14 people come look at it, drive it, love it, agree on a price and back out because of the mileage or just never get back to me and not give me a reason why. These are real people and heres why they get scared. When I bought it two years ago, the voltage guage quit working in the cluster. So, like I would do, the guy who owned it went to the junkyard and got the whole new guage cluster with a new dash as well, but it was from a 97. Key giveaway that it isnt original is the option of the passenger airbag, which mine does not have. He also tried to get a guage cluster that had an odometer reading that was on a number for mileage that was easy to do the math to remember his actual mileage. The odometer reads 210,000 but really has 110,000. when I bought it, he showed me the original dash cluster, a picture of it in it dated a week earlier showing the guage cluster volt not working and 97,000 miles on it. That was good enough for me, I love my truck, surely doesnt have 210,000 on it, but nobody believes me and I am not able to get that picture from the original owner, I don't even know where he is. I orignally was selling it for around 4500 and came down all the way to 3500 with people still backing out. Is there any way to prove to them the mileage? I have had people want pictures of the pedals, steering wheel etc. to prove that it hasnt got that many miles, but still a no go for everyone. If anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm going on a short 1 month stint/deployment type of deal so its too late to sell before I go, but I'm so frustrated that its almost funny with people backing out. Am I asking too much, is it not worth it? Someone help, thanks. RyanClick image for larger version. 

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    Put your odometer on the right millage and problem solved.
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    According to Kelly Blue Book, your truck in "very good condition" private party sells for $3,830 (I pasted the link below). I used your info above to select the options and used an automatic tranny. If your willing to sell for $3,500 (as you state above) or even $3,830, then I'd suggest not focusing on the odometer overage or actual mileage and trying to use as a sales tactic. If you do, most people would see this as a red flag and wonder what else is wrong with the vehicle or they would think your trying to hustle them, thus will not trust doing business with you. Instead, just sell it "as is." If the airbag question comes up, just let them know it was replaced by the previous owner and try not to go into all the details of what the previous owner told you....for all you know, he/she could have been "puffing" or lying in order to make the sale to you. I would stick to the facts as you know/experienced them and leave out all of the hearsay or unconfirmed info.

    I really don't think it's the 210,000 miles that was actually the final deciding factor for the ones that backed out or were not interested after you showed it, but more surrounding your explanation and what you claim the mileage to be. Or if you advertised with 100,000 miles and they should up and saw 210,000 on the odometer, that could have scared them off as well. For bench marking purposes, a few years ago, I sold my 97 2wd sierra, which had over 240,000 miles on it for $3,500 quickly. Also check craigslist to see what others are asking for similar trucks with 210,000 miles on them.

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    ^^^^^^^^^^Agree 100%
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    Thanks for the input! this will be the 5th vehicle I have sold on craigslist if it goes, when advertised, I addressed the odometer right away, most seemed fine with it, I emphasized on the good parts of the truck (new tires, cab corners etct) I also did as you showed me and told them the kbb on my truck even if it had 210,000 is more than I am asking for it. I believe i emphasized too much on the odometer, i believed it to be the biggest factor. I think I will try go to the "as is" sales style, hopefully that doesn't make anyone raise questions... Thanks you!

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    I think you probably did emphasize on the odometer too much and it freaked people out. Especially since you've sold 5 other vehicles on craigslist (I'm assuming pretty easily). If this was the only major difference in your sales tactics, then I'd definitely think its the odo issue/concern.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    Well lucky number 15 backed out this morning about five minutes ago, everyone seems to have money issues, or issue getting the money. That's fine and dandy, but why would you talk to someone for 15 minutes on the phone, agree with everything on the truck, set a price and time, then not call them or meet them and back out? I understand financial problems and what not, but 15 people with the same story? I even asked them if the price needs to be lower for them to be interested, they all say no the price is good they just do not have any money. Goose frabbaaa gooooose frabbaaaaa. Extremely frustrating especially when i'm deploying in the morning...

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    i think 3500 is a very fair price just dont tell them about the mileage. i recently sold a 92 GMC 1/2 ton with 320,000 miles for $2000 and that was 2wd and needed new rockers on both sides, tires, and something was wrong with the throttle body, making it stumble bad at low rpms and often stall lol just gotta wait for the right buyer i guess =/

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    Where abouts are you located?
    Pavement sucks... :grrrrrr:

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    3500 is a great price for the truck. Especially with only one small spot of surface rust, new tires, new cab corners/rockers. It shouldn't have any problems passing any type of state inspections. 3500 is cheap for the year. I've seen them go for 6500-7000 down in wv. I have to agree you were probably going to far into detail about the odometer/dash. I sold my 97 blazer on cl for 2300 and it was damn near rotted out in the rear, been in a accident, cracked windshield, bald tires, wrong steering column was in it, which threw out the airbag code, the abs sensor wire was severed which was lighting the abs light in the dash. Sold it as is.. my ad read:

    "97 push button 4x4. Works like brand new. New transfer case input seal, new radiator, new water pump, top end has been rebuilt all around new gaskets/seals. No leaks, sold as is. $2500 OBO! Cash talks, bull**** walks."

    Within a week it was sold after being looked at by 21 people. See, I think it's all in how you talk to people.. if you seem nervous, they will pick up on it. If you tell them to much about it, they will think somethings up and walk away. Instead of telling them everything about the truck, just say Hey im here, come look at it. The more details you give, the more reasons the possible buyer can find to get out of the deal. So just tell them, just come look at it and decide for yourself.
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