Bought My Bridgestone H/T truck tires 3.3 years ago from Wallyworld, which wore out prematurely.
They refused to pro-rate My worn tires, which did NOT wear to the miles figure as advertised.
Matter of fact, those tires didn't even make the halfway mark, as far as the tread/mileage was concerned.
All four tires had been rotated and re-balanced by their techs, according to schedule, for the last 3.3 years.
The store manager expected Me to wear My tire treads down to the cords, and compromise Our safety, and My Chevy Suburban.
Only 250 linear yards from that Walmart store is the Tire Choice store, and they are now My automotive tire store.
They gave me a $150 discount, because Walmart screwed Me on the tire warranty.
Get this, while composing this rant, Tire Choice called Me and said hey.....You have a $50 rebate card coming from BF Goodrich.