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    Quote Originally Posted by moogvo View Post
    As a general rule, I try not to buy my groceries, furniture, lawn maintenance equipment, clothes and auto parts from the same store...

    Glad the other place took care of you tho.

    I agree 100%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    A you are correct. So any dealer who sells that brand can get the warranty handled. Sadly some will avoid the time it takes to file the proper paperwork just to sell new tires.
    My bro inlaw bought a set of Michlins from Sams with two that turned out to be out of round , his Sams membership lapsed and wouldn't help him ,went to a dealer and was told the type tire he had was made just for Walmart/Sams and not warranted by dealers. No more Wally World for me , bought a set of Bridgestones with road hazard when I had my Monte Carlo , mounted within an hour with no problem , a few months after that was told have to wait four hours to fix a flat , went across street to a tire store and fixed 20 min

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnbama View Post
    went to a dealer and was told the type tire he had was made just for Walmart/Sams and not warranted by dealers.
    This is common. Large discounters have enough financial clout to swing special deals that get the price points of items where the discounter wants them. Beware of Dell computers you see in Best Buy for the very same reason; the outer shell looks the same as other models but the internals are different ... again to get the price point down.

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    I always go to Les Schwab to get my tires, but I have heard that Costco does a good job.
    As for Wallymart, I hate them and do very little business with them, but sometimes I don't have much choice, in Utah just about everything else is closed on Sunday.
    Ford has a better idea! Drive a GM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloxdaddy99 View Post
    It's nice to see some one stepped up to help. Even though as Coach mentioned they were just doing the right thing. This is just one more example why WalMart blows. I was driving back form Ohio on sunday and passed a truck that had a bumper sticker that said F**K WalMart. I want to get one of those so bad. That is one company that is killing the mom and pop stores. I will not go into that place because for one I do not speak the language of the majority of the employee's or the patrons.
    AMEN, brother!

    Don't shop at Walmart. They are the single largest cause for our manufacturing labor to be shipped outside our borders (mostly to China in Walmart's case). People want cheap stuff, and Walmart obliges that want. Full bore. What happens to the small sellers you trust and who take care of you on a personal basis? You know what happens, they can't compete with Darth Vader (Walmart). And our beloved manufacturers such as Levis and Lee have had to begrudgingly send their manufacturing to Mexico to compete. Even Carhart now. It breaks my heart, because we have labor here to do this work, and most of those people don't possess skill or education to do other types of work. So I guess I would like one of those bumper stickers too.

    And like Moogvo said, I don't get groceries, hardware, tires, prescriptions, clothing, whatever, at one store. Bad idea. And tires I get only at a tire store.

    Les Schwab has given me the best deals and best customer service. And great flat repair service.
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