Holy crap I've been gone for a whole I apologize, schools been eating up sometime and the fact that computer crashed etc. ummm let's see update as to what's been going on, no longer work security at the college, I was taken off the site for some pretty stupid reasons, and since then i haven't been getting many hours thank god for the GI Bill. The truck has been running decent, for my birthday my parents got me a GO-LIGHT spot/search light for my truck it's a magnetic base so I can take it off before I get on the highway plugs into the cigarette light and has a wireless remote to control it. With my tax returns I was able to buy Nitto terra grapplers 285/75R16's the truck definitely sits a little higher just have to do some trimming so there isn't any rubbing I have missed you guys and keep trying to find time to pop in real quick and let everyone know what's going on, and Erica I've lost almost 36 pounds!!!