So, I noticed at the end of last summer that my stack of firewood was getting smaller. It seems that 4 cords up and walked away. I figured out that the neighborhood teenagers are stealing it. I talked with the kid that I know everyone follows. Then my buddy a sherrif deputy had a talk with him also. They stopped taking it for a week or so. Then they took another cord. So, I built a barrier of sorts with a bunch of downed branches from the woods. This stopped them. Well, this spring rolled around and I got sick of looking at a pile of sticks in front of the woodpile. So, we burned it. I looked out this morning and they took another cord. I back up to woods so they just come out of the woods, take it and head for the hills. I swear I am going to catch these kids. I even considered borrowing one of the wildlife cameras from a friend so I could catch them doing it or getting one of those motion activated sprinklers that spray deer when they get near your garden. I sat up one night enjoying a few beers and sitting in the shadows with my night vision monocular, but they did not show up. I have about 4 cords left. At least they are taking the pine and not the hardwood. Sorry about the rant but I am pretty upset. I spent two days hauling all of that wood and a day with a rented splitter, splitting it. Any suggestions to catch these punks or at least make my wood pile less appealing? I know that some of you guys are pretty creative. I thought about spraying some of it with something that would stink when they burn it, but that will not matter to them. Oh, and I have 2 large pitbulls! They never hear them back there stealing the wood. Thanks guys!