My Starmate 1 is starting to show it's age, and I'm looking to upgrade. It seems to me that the 5 has at least the same features as my old 1, but I haven't seen much good news about the FM transmitting power.

So my main question is, do any of you have a SM5, do you use the fm transmitter, and does it work? The SM1 was built before the FCC crackdown, and broadcasts to all the radioes in my house, and probably a couple of the neighbors'! My truck doesn't have an input jack or cassette, and I can't find an add-on wiring kit for the stock radio.

If I get the new radio, (well, refurbished older radio newer that what I have) I'll probably get the direct adapter for the antenna, too. Anyone have input on that?

I found a place that says they can repair the old SM1 for about $25, but with the SM5 I get the plug n play options, which would make it more useful.

Thank you for any info,