I have noticed that when I post a response to a thread ... the thread is not marked as read ... resulting in me seeing items I just read ... listed as unread within a subforum. That's a little odd, as it requires that we either a) read posts we've just made (and clearly know the content of); b) choose the 'mark forum read' option in the subforum; or c) choose the 'mark forums read' option among the forum actions.

All of those are workarounds, as it's a defect that a post you just made results in a thread being unread. I call it a defect because logically you've read whatever you typed before you posted it ... so clearly you HAVE read it and the forum is mishandling the post ... by failing to mark the thread that contains it as read.

Is there a setting I can adjust to control this behaviour or is this something you need to look at?