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Its a wonder you never got hurt or killed. An elevator is a very dangerous piece of machinery if you don't know what your are doing. There has been many instances of college students getting killed from doing what you are describing. Think of it has playing in traffic. Eventually the outcome is not going to be pretty.
Those days are long ago and far away. In the fire service, we had to take an "elevator safety" course. With all of the time I spent playing with them years ago, I had pretty much already figured out all that the instructor talked about.

It all started for me by pulling the doors open while the elevator was moving and seeing the brick wall between the floors. Then I figured out how to make a "key" to pop the doors without the car being present and looking into the shaft. It was kind of creepy in a "Drain in the bottom of the pool" sort of way. I did always treat the machinery with respect, however... Nothing worse than being chopped in half by a speeding elevator car coming down while you have your head in there looking down the shaft... which shouldn't happen if the safety interlocks on the outer doors are working properly.

When I worked at G105 in Raleigh, the power was cut to the 14 story building. We rode the elevators until the batteries went weak. I had the sense to get out but several guys kept riding until they depleted the batteries. The power was out for 9 hours after that, so they were pretty miserable when the power came back up. LOL!

Just the same... Cool business you work in. Did you catch the recent CSI where the power went out and the elevator immediately stopped in it's tracks?

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