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    No hollow points are designed to have max spread once contact it made with an object for max internal damage. The other ammo listed is made for most common pistol calibers
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    I live in a Nice Hood. and have not had any problems in Many years.. BUT I am a light sleeper and hear everything outside..
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Try the Taurus Judge Public Defender. It has the best of both worlds. It will shoot 45LC or .410 shotgun shells. With 5 shots of .410 00 buck shot it makes a perfect home defense weapon.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    i just got a doberman for inside the house and i got a 12gauge in the garage and a 9mm in my night table. after this doberman is trained im hoping to get another one.

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    The Judge is going to be my next gun. I have a baby Eagle 40 cal that I have for my concealed weapon and a 44 Desert Eagle for getting serious. I have 6 shotguns at various places in the house for easy access and more hand guns and rifles. I have sold a few guns but plan on restocking, you can never have too many guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyc0 View Post
    Years ago when I used to pick up double 18 wheeler trailers at the rail-yard, the Rail Police Lt demonstrated the correct way to use a nightstick, or similar.
    Don't hit or swing the stick, instead, poke the attacker in the center of the breast-bone, just as hard & fast as You can.
    That generally brings them to their knees, and most of all, it helps to maintain distance between You and the attacker.
    Yes sir and thats just one of the reasons a Monanondock is so lethal, with the side handle you have great control and a lot of force in that small tip. Also poking someone it's almost impossible for them to stop you and hard to grab and yank the stick away from the user.
    It always amazed me that someone could have a three day school on how to use a simple nightstick and make all three days full of good information and tecniques. The U.S. Navy sent me to the factory in the mid 90's to be a Monanondock instructor for Navy security forces staioned in the middle east back in the mid 90's. Actually a fun job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbplus10 View Post
    I've use to keep various shotguns, rifles, and handguns easily accessable for home defence, but since we have a curious grandaughter running around the house the last few years those have all been locked away in a gun safe where they wont do us any good in an emergency.
    So I rely on a PR-24 Monanondock nightstick that I keeped tucked away next to my headboard to assist me, lethal but only leaves the grandaughter with bumps and bruises if she finds it and messes with it.
    A shotgun loaded with buckshot is normally considered the best option, depending on the load it wont blow through a wall and hurt someone your trying to protect on the otherside, in the middle of the night when your half asleep and the sxxt storm is happening you wont have a clear picture of where everyone is.
    Bullets have a bad habit of missing soft targets they were meant for then flying through walls and finding soft targets they werent meant for.
    Hello, sir:

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with the gentleman above and his opinion on this topic. Very sensible.

    Here is my take. Look, your firearms don't really do any good during the day. Most likely you see them before they enter and you call 911. Maybe you have to brandish a weapon, but unless you made someone mad or you have something they know is in there they really want to steal bad enough to get shot doing it, they stay outside if they even know someone is home and awake. Now, maybe you live somewhere that there are a lot of tweakers around and maybe then you think differently. But for most of us, I think my view is reasonable.

    You have a spouse. So do I. Mine hates firearms of any sort. She is no firearms expert. I want her to have something she can pick up, pull the trigger and not have to point too much, and like the person above points out, I don't want the rounds going through a wall hitting an innocent person in the process. A 20 gauge shotgun is the ticket in my opinion. You get awakened, you are still waking up and how the heck can you expect to pull off a round or more and hit much with a pistol? Unless you are shooting one of those revolvers that shoots shotgun slugs, this is not a good way to defend your home in the middle of the night in the dark in closed quarters. The shotgun sprays out a big enough area, you're gonna hit something on that burglar. Will they stick around? Well, they now have a limp or maybe worse, and they sure don't want to get caught by law enforcement. Time to leave.

    One or more medium to large territorial dogs in your home (not outside) is your best home defense. I have had two Dalmatians, female (female dogs are generally more territorial) over the past 18 years, and we don't even get solictors any more. The last one I saw when I opened the door slowly backed away with both hands up when my dogs started barking, growling and tearing at the screen door. Of course, Dalmatians are particularly protective of their owner's home, and very protective of children in the home. If we are gone, the dogs are in the house free, not in a kennel. A dog outside can be easily disposed of silently with poison meat.

    There are lots of other dogs to choose besides Dalmatians, I am just biased. Make sure your homeowner insurer does not have exclusions for the dog you are thinking of getting. You may be denied coverage if you have a Pit Bull or some other breeds the insurance companies consider "dangerous".
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    btw where do you live that you need a hand gun license to have a pistol at home? I mean I live in CA and we don't even need one of those. lol

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    If we all lived in Kennesaw Ga. we'd be required by city law to own a gun if we owned a home.
    In some ways not a bad idea.

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