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    Quote Originally Posted by 06 DuRaMaX View Post
    dogs are the best warning system...
    I must politely disagree with this. A comprehensive motion/IR/glass-break sensor array tied into a full-blown alarm system with video cameras, audio recording, a localized, in-the-home battery backup, AND a 3rd party monitoring connection .... is the best warning system.

    Such a setup costs about as much as a pure-bred work dog (like Dobermans or German Shepherds) costs from a reputable breeder. However, they consume less in energy than such dogs consume in food. Insurance will give you a discount for having them ... but not for having a dog. Such systems don't have to be kenneled when you're gone and, in fact, continue to do their jobs while you're out. They also don't have to be walked or taken outside and they don't crap on your rug or your lawn; housebreaking is not an issue. You also don't need to bathe them to keep them from smelling bad...

    For about 85 bucks you can even have the illusion of a dog, too, with none of the hassles -- as such systems have options for barking dog emulators that bark when the system detects something. Given this, the only good reason to own a dog is because you want one; a high end alarm system does more (like calling the police, the fire department, etc ... even when you're not home) than a dog, costs less than a dog over the long run, and entails many less hassles.
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    Good point there surreal. I'm bout to be moving to my permanent home on th family farm and I'm going to be a mile off the road. I've been thinking bout security measure but with the space I have I'm going to stick to basic alarm and lots of dogs. And hopefully my house and garage will be mainly under ground
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    1965 c10 swb, zz4 350 with the hot cam and fast burn heads and a 780 Holley on top, richmond super street 5 speed,restorod

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    blue heeler is early detection. Mossberg 12 guage if the make it past the dog and head up the stairs. Beretta 45 if they make it to the upstairs hall. And a Remington 30/30 if they're running through the yard. In Texas you don't need a license to carry a hand gun in your vehicle or on your property, heck you can carry a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle year round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tbone Stallone View Post
    ...And a Remington 30/30 if they're running through the yard...
    Nah Barrett .50 BMG; just a graze to the...well pretty much anywhere will do the trick with the TWC that round makes

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rileyjr16 View Post
    Nah Barrett .50 BMG; just a graze to the...well pretty much anywhere will do the trick with the TWC that round makes
    I'd be concerned about overpenetration with either round...

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    rock salt 12 gauge rounds can do a number, and its a sort of less then lethal round. wont punch thru walls, but gets the intruders attention.


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    Buck shot makes a good short range pattern
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    i just recently bought a remington 870 express tactical shotgun. . i use OO buck. reason for OO buckshot is if in the middle of night someone breaks in you have seconds to grab your gun. verify its an intruder focus eyes. thats all in seconds. i would be in the doorway likely of the bedroom. one shot down the hallway will be a direct hit and will insure he is not goin knowere. bought mine for 527 plus tax and a few boxes of different shells. i ordered mine with extra side sattle. bought aftermarket laser with a pressure switch. slugs work okay just remember its one big ass piece of lead. you could miss causing you to have to 1. see if you hit him, if he is still fighting, having to repump a new shell in the loading tube. etc. this is all the reason why i choose 00 buck. unless you look into a binelli M4 (1014) semi auto shotgun. in that case use whatever ammo. shoot as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. its all a preference but the binelli is around 1600 to 1700 by itself. i bought this gun for protection only, but in near future buy another for sport. look em up you may like it.
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    Update. The wife agreed to get a shotgun. I picked this up earlier in the week. It's a Mossberg 500 with an Insight light on the forend. I'm happy with the setup and it didn't cost too much. I got the gun, trigger lock, carry bag, 10 pack of 00 buckshot, 40 slugs for the range and a two-pack of snap caps to practice working the pump in the basement for just over $600. I still need to get a case or safe to store it safely. For now it's in the closet on a high shelf where I can reach it, but my 4 y.o. can't. It's not the most convenient in an emergency, but for now it works. I want to get the ShotLok, but the wife wants it in the closet. I want it near the bed. Now it's time for some range time.

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