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I just noticed that you live in Long Island NY.... I'm guessing just owning a gun is a nightmare, much less transporting it and finding a place to use it. :-/
But I would assume there's a club out there somewhere for trap/skeet shooting. Matter of fact, here's some I found doing a Google search.





Google search for shooting ranges: https://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-...w=1280&bih=543

Shooting skeet or trap may not be optimal for self defense training with your new shotty, but it'll do a lot to help you get used to your gun without the abuse of a heavy round on your body.
Sounds good. Only problem is that the skeet ranges are a hike from here and I'd spend more time driving than shooting. I will go with a buddy who has a few guns so I can also try out some pistols and rifles.