I have been cruising this site for a couple of days now and it really seems like a great place. Seems like a good group of people with no flaming - just the kind of place I like.

As a further intro, I thought I would publish a list of my previous trucks. I have had a passion for them for many years and have always felt a little empty when I don't have one. I think this passion stems from my Grand Dad.....he always has a PU and the first thing we would do when we got to his house was go for a ride!

62 1/2 ton short box Chevy, 6 cylinder 4 speed. This was my first and I bought it one day when I went to the hardware store for some nuts and bolts!

64 1/2 ton GMC 4wd 2 door Suburban. This one was shorter than the later Suburbans, but longer than the early Blazers. It had a 400 ci Pontiac with a truck 4 speed. It would crawl out of anything!

74 1/2 ton long box 2wd, Two tone orange and white with a white fiberglass canopy. This was a fancy truck for it's day with carpet, AC, and an auto. It also had 15X10 slotted mags with H70 white letter tires.

56 1/2 ton short box Ford F-100. Lowered with slotted mags, wide ovals, 289, and an auto.

69 El Camino, this one was completely stock. I always wanted one and after I bought this one, I hated it. Oh well........

76 3/4 ton Dodge 4wd. This one was a beater wood hauler. It had real 10 ply tires and you could feel every pebble on the street whey you rolled over it.

76 3/4 ton Suburban. This was an old railroad truck with over 200,000 miles on it. I redid the body, put a stump puller small block in it, and used it to pull my race car.

85 1 ton, crew cab, dually, Chevy. This was used to pull my race car also.

86 Mazda extended cab. Lowered with full moon hubcaps and blacked out windows.

87 Mazda extended cab - stock.

76 Chevy 1/2 ton, short box, stepside. Severely lowered with Crager SS wheels and rather larger tires!

76 1/2 ton Suburban. Severely lowered with Weld Wheel and rather large tires! This one was my DD.

86 3/4 ton Suburban. This one was stock with Alcoa Wheels. Used as DD and to tow our travel trailer.

64 3/4 ton Chevy with a small block and it was lowered. I bought it this way.

92 1 ton extended cab Dually GMC. This was used to tow a 5th wheel RV.

91 1/2 ton short box GMC. This was a base truck with AC, 4.3, and a 5 speed. It got 22 mpg day in and day out. I drove it for a DD.

94 1/2 ton extended cab Chevy. This was a DD and was lowered 2 and 4.

66 1/2 ton Chevy long box. This was a 6 cylinder with a "3 on the tree!" Don't see many of those any more.

66 1/2 ton Chevy long box. This one was a 6 cylinder with a 4 speed. This was a nice straight truck and my DD.

85 1 ton crew cab dually Chevy.

76 Dodge regular cab 3/4 ton. This one had been owned by an older gentleman who had repainted it and it was like brand new.

94 Dodge 3/4 ton regular cab. This one had a diesel. It was the noisiest truck I have ever owned.

99 1/2 ton short box Chevy. This one was the then new body style and was lowered severly.

80 1 ton regular cab 4wd Chevy. I bought this one from the original owner with 57,000 original miles on it.

05 3/4 ton extended cab Chevy. This one had a 6 liter and only 12,000 miles on it when it was traded.

07 1/2 ton GMC that I have today.

This covers 34 years of ownership......It has been and interesting journey from the lowered 1/2 tons to 1 ton duallies. I will state that from my view point and after all these years, these new trucks are the best ever built. They handle better, get better gas mileage, stop better, and haul more.

I believe we are in the golden age of the Pickup. I think we should enjoy it while we can as it may not last much longer.