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    Default LED Puddle Lights

    I've seen several places advertise the Philips LED fog light kit, I'm thinking about re-purpose them and install them underneath the sides of the truck and possibly behind the tailgate so when I open the door or turn on the cargo light they would light up the ground around me.


    What would be the difficulty of this (For a easily frustrated novice)
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    Maybe I should ask a audio tech that knows how to add to existing wiring.....

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    I held off from responding because while it's not hard to do what you'd like to do ... it requires some fabrication (for mounts), some easy-but-detailed wiring (including wire sizing, relay placement, ground placement, fuse placement) and wire protection (to properly protect what's outside the truck), and some analysis on where to tap into existing wiring to tie the lights on/off into your courtesy lights.

    None of that is hard, individually. However, the term 'skill stacking' applies, here ... which is term applicable to the difficulty of something based on the aggregate total number of skills required to accomplish a given task. In this case there are at least four distinct things that need to be done (with knowledge of far more), and I don't see the combination of them as something appropriate for "an easily frustrated novice" as you put it. Undersized wiring, improperly protected wiring, lack of/improperly placed/improperly sized fuses/relays, mounts that place the lights where rocks and other debris might crack/shatter the lenses or immerse them in mud/water/etc. are all concerns for a project like this.

    In total, I don't see it as a novice activity unless the novice is VERY detailed-oriented and very-patient ... willing to research every aspect prior to commencement ... and also willing to make adjustments after installation ... to rectify problems that were undoubtedly not considered prior to installation.

    No offense is intended, here -- I'm just working with your 'novice who is easily frustrated' commentary. I'm no pro by any stretch, but I undertake electrical modifications that are minor in terms of complexity but major in terms of patience and detail-orientedness. This is one such project and I'd not undertake it lightly, myself.

    It's very do-able, but a lot of thought and research needs to go into what size wiring you need, where fuses and relays go, what you tap to turn on the relays, how you protect the wiring (including where you route it under the truck), where and how you mount the lights, etc. You get the idea. If it were me I'd solder my connections, too; I can't stand plastic wire taps as I've seen them come off and cause issues too many times to count.

    This is something you need to dig into if it's to be a DIY project... and you need to take as long as it takes to do it right. My post has already given you some things to consider. It's a food-for-thought starting point if you're going to tackle the project, yourself.
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