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    Cool 01 GMC 3/4 HD, LB7 w/ Allison 4x4... lookin for some suggestions!

    I sent the money for him, scheduled pick-up TBA (will be soon 1-2 weeks) and I will post pics as soon as he is in my posession.

    Just trying to get some sort of feedback, as I plan on doing some modifications/upgrading while he is down for transmission/injector repair, before anybody that knows me around town even sees him.

    I found a company that will ship me an "upgraded" (clutches, servos, etc..) transmission for $3200 W/ $700 Core charge.. pretty stoked about this.

    A couple things I'm lookin to get some advice on:

    -Replacement Bumpers (Front/Rear)-
    I practically fell in love with Road Armor's series with the hidden winch slot (no i probably wouldn't ever even use it.. but it'd be badass to have LOL) and bull-style (???) addition to it. (Forgive me.. for I usually "Praise the lowered"... i don't know the correct terminology for all the off-road accessories hahahaa!!)
    -Replacement grille (Stock is kinda not all there)
    -Roll bar/light bar
    I DO go off-road to the ranches around here from time to time and do some tail-gating around bonfires and such where extra lighting is always welcome.
    -4-6" Lift kit
    Nothing too crazy, as my off-roading isn't usually too serious
    -Wheel/Tire combinations
    Wanted stock HD 20s from a NNBS truck but was informed that isnt possible as they changed the patterns in 2011
    -I would like to replace ALL LIGHTS on him
    Head, Tail, 3rd brake, maybe add some cab lights - Recon (IMO) is expensive for no reason... prove me wrong? Projector headlights and LED tail lights will NEVER go on any of my vehicles. (personal experience and my bad vision at night says "Hell No")
    -Replacement Hood
    Something smooth that flows well with the body of the truck, yet rugged.

    ***EXHAUST SYSTEM*** This one is VERY important and needs to be ordered ASAP.. as the current exhaust was sawed off (literally... they live in New Mexico) behind the cab, and in order for it to pass Texas (dang straight) state inspection, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need more than that! lmfao. Not lookin to spend a whole lot on the exhaust at the moment, but something decent that I'm not going to be disappointed in.

    Uhh.. I think that's it for now.. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. I'll probably be MIA for a couple of days but will eventually get back online to check it out.

    Please, if you're giving suggestions, include a link or at least a good clue as to where i can check out the products at.

    "If you're not living life on the edge, You're taking up too much space"

    "Truck Norris"
    - 2008 TX Edition Silverado
    - McGaughy's 4/5 Drop Kit
    - Apline Type R 10s & Amp
    - Pioneer 6 Disc Touchscreen Deck
    - Nightmare Breed Motorsports custom tune
    - Custom 3" dual exhaust through x-pipe dumped at axle
    - Airaid CAI
    - Badges and molding removed, roll pan, Truxedo roll-up cover (compliments of GMTC!), 3pc billet grille, factory fogs upgrade
    "Kristine" - 1991 Nissan 240sx
    - Cut to pieces, LS build pending

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    Hmm.. figured some people would jump all over this. Wrong! lol

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    whheewwww you have a list cut out for ya. MBRP does alot of diesel exhaust, never dealt with it myself, ive seen a few, but thats it. they sound nice.

    try here for more stuff-

    as far as wheels go, watch craigs list. i see lots of wheels for sale on there, you may get lucky and find a set for cheap. i know there are a few sets of GM 8 log wheels on CL in virginia beach right now, so they are out there.

    lift--- rancho, pro comp, bds, take ur pick. tires are personla preference, same as rims.

    as far as lighting goes, recon seems like its over priced for what you get, but im fairly ignorant on the aftermarket lighting stuff. your bumpers sound fine, again, something i dont have much knowledge of.

    sounds like you have the tranny situation in hand, after that a tuner would seem to be in order.

    GL and POST PICS!!!

    Last edited by Sierraowner5.3; 05-24-2012 at 05:11 PM.

    2011 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3 Z71 4X4 Stealth Gray Metallic / 2004 Chevy Impala LS 3.8 Cappuccino

    Tow mirrors - Diablew Tuned - Flowmaster Regular 40 - Ready Lift 2.5' lift - BFG LT A/T K/Os - Carr Light Wing - TruckLite LED lights - Optima Red Top - 50% Front Window Tint - Line-X bedliner - Airaid MIT - Tekonsha P2 - ARS Billet Grill - Fia custom fit seat covers

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    Well, I finally got the chance to go and pick up the new toy! Originally I designated this one a male... but as much TLC it's gonna take to get everything right... I feel like a gender swap was in order lmfao. She's quite a bit more rough/abused/neglected than I had originally noticed.... but has a good home now and with some TLC, elbow grease, and some money thrown her way should turn out to be fairly nice ... enough talking, pic time!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_14-01-38_622.jpg 
Views:	110 
Size:	55.9 KB 
ID:	40633On her way to a caring home! Lol.. getting her up there was one hell of an adventure (note the skid marks all over the place in front of the trailer lmao)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_14-38-17_658.jpg 
Views:	131 
Size:	81.2 KB 
ID:	40641
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-25-18_228.jpg 
Views:	112 
Size:	46.2 KB 
ID:	40635Free stuff that came with her! ... maybe I'll find something worth enough to get some of the $1000 price tag back!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-25-00_93.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	44.5 KB 
ID:	40640Umm.. yay more free stuff???
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-24-24_586.jpg 
Views:	114 
Size:	39.9 KB 
ID:	40634Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-25-18_228.jpg 
Views:	112 
Size:	46.2 KB 
ID:	40635Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-25-30_386.jpg 
Views:	113 
Size:	59.0 KB 
ID:	40636Just showing exactly how neglected she's been. Downright NASTY inside, the glove box doesn't close, the exterior handles don't work for the back doors, I'm scared to even look under the seat covers lol. HOWEVER... the power seats still work!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-25-39_511.jpg 
Views:	117 
Size:	59.6 KB 
ID:	40637Every door on her has a dent of some form. Found replacement doors for $175/piece at a local salvage yard w/windows and panels. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-26-57_49.jpg 
Views:	124 
Size:	50.3 KB 
ID:	40638Especially the passenger side is bad.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2012-06-10_18-26-44_525.jpg 
Views:	159 
Size:	61.1 KB 
ID:	40639Entire grille assembly needs replaced, that sorry excuse for a grille guard and bumper are gonna be replaced with a road armor stealth winch bumper replica I found for about $2,000 for both front/rear with pre-runner add-on to the front and powder coated black.

    Also, she's been rode hard and hung up wet it seems. The front end needs some serious work done to it I believe. You can't tell from the pic really, but the passenger side front wheel is starting to tuck into the wheel well... anyone got any insight as to the cause and solution to this??

    Can't wait to hear/see what everyone thinks!

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    Bump.. I know we got some people on here that love helping out with this sort of thing.

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    No insight on the front end huh? lol.. jeez

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    wishout seeing it its hard to guess dude. also, what exactly is it doing? toeing in, or tilting into the the truck?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sierraowner5.3 View Post
    wishout seeing it its hard to guess dude. also, what exactly is it doing? toeing in, or tilting into the the truck?

    its toe-out (severe wear on inside of tire) AND tucking into the wheel well pretty badly. Next time i get to where im in the general vicinity of the truck I'll try and take some better pics of it.

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    a good alignment and general suspension rebuild would seem to be in order. ill bet alot of the bushings are shot, along with the ball joints and tie rod ends. and as long as you have it all torn apart, go a head and do the wheel bearings/hubs.


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    I was told that both of the front hubs had been replaced less than 20K ago... but judging by how the rest of her looks (sad lol) I'd say they actually weren't. And yea, I'm probably going to be doing a general rebuild and upgrading everything to something a little tougher as well. I've already decided that next month's expense check is going to be towards a lift.. so the springs/shocks will be changed then as well.

    ... know any companies that make upgraded aftermarket suspension/steering parts??

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