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    Default i too am having the same problem

    Quote Originally Posted by texas View Post
    You said you cleaned out the bulb socket -- but you also said your lights worked perfectly before. I'm confused!

    I count 3 bulbs -- all 3 of them are good bulbs. However, when I turn on the right turn signal, the rear turn signal light doesn't flash, and in the vehicle meanwhile the turn signal flashes/clicks very fast.

    I tried braking, using the headlights, etc. and all the bulbs seem to work on their own. It's just the turn signal that's messed up.
    except mine is the left side. changed bulbs, still left tail light is out sometimes, and the turn signal blinks fast. bought the bulbs to replace the old ones and went to change them but all the lights and turn signals worked fine, so I didn't change them.. until the next day back to not working again so then I did change them but it didn't fix it, so I figure a short somewhere, but don't know where to start looking.

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    It's not a short, a short would be blowing fuses. And, as I type this, maybe it is a short and the fuse is blown. Check the rear lights fuses.

    Usually, this problem is an open somewhere (a smaller than normal load causes the flasher to flash faster). Usually, the open is a burnt out light. Please note, each lamp has two filaments and two functions. One filament is for the tail lights and the other filament is for a different purpose. On one lamp, it is the brake light, on an other it will be the reverse light, on an other, it will be the signal light. Note, on some trucks the stop light and the signal light will be shared.

    If the bulbs (lamps) are good, the problem may be a broken wire, or a poor connection somewhere. Check inside the bulb socket for corrosion, check the plug where the wires connect to the lamp circuit board for corrosion, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janikphoto View Post
    I haven't even begun to check it out, except for glancing at a reflection of my left turn signals as I'm driving. It appears that the front is working and the back is not. It blinks normal speed on the right side, but twice as fast on the left. Is this because the rear light appears to be out, or is it a bad relay? I'll probably just buy a new bulb and figure it out for myself before y'all get a chance to answer, but I figured the thread might help someone else, the next time their turn signals/blinkers start acting up.
    Most of the time it is a faulty bulb, the vehicle has a safety mechanism that when a bulb goes out, the fast blinking alerts the driver.

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    thanks rayvoy. I did check the plug where the wires come from the tail light and go under the truck, there is I guess you call a harness?, its like where there are several plugs mounted under the bed of the truck. anyways, the plug that comes from the tail light was loose, not connected all the way. I simply pushed it on snug and WHAMMO!! everything works fine now.

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