Well its been quite a while since i've posted around here. I've added a few new things recently and have some more projects in the works already. Anyways pictures are worth a thousand words so here we go.

Wheel well liners, definitely a must have just because of the simple fact they make it so much easier to clean mud up.

But the big project was wiring up some LED lights for the bed. It turned out pretty well I think, major PITA to run wires although I made it difficult because of where I wanted my switch.

Anyways on to some questions, first up how can I pull out the plastic box between the power outlets? Do I have to pull the entire dash apart or what?

Second question, I am thinking of making a lighted door sill similar to this:

Click image for larger version. 

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Anyone ever done something similar? I've pretty well got it planned out, I think I'm gonna try to do it with SILVERADO.

Anyways thats all for now, I've got a set of foglights coming that should fit in the factory openings but actually provide enough light to be worth having. If it all works out well I'll have a set of factory fog lights for sale.