I have a 2004 Colorado that has the usual disease for these (burned-out resistor pack for the blower motor). I want to investigate and fix it. However, the passenger-side air bag is in that area and I want to disable it first. There is the problem. The owner's manual does not offer any useful information about accessing the interior (not the one in the engine compartment), fuse Box. And, the Haynes manual just says that the interior fuse box is, "...at the left end of the instrument panel...", and goes on to say that the fuse for the air bag is in there and should be removed before working near the air bag. To further confuse, using a search engine, there have been references to a fuse for the air bags inside the engine compartment fuse box that is referenced as "SIR" in that location.

Questions: Where and how do I get at the interior fuse box. And, what is that stuff about an air bag fuse in the engine compartment fuse box?

Pictures would be nice.

Thank you much for any input on the above subject.