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    The single biggest reason people have become so inconsiderate is the sheer number of people on the planet and the resource contention that number entails. Consider that when there were fewer people, each of which had more resources and more space around them ... the world was a nicer place.

    How long do we have until climate change (whether it be natural or man-made is not the issue) causes a major concern for mankind the world over?

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    No one really knows the answer to that question but it wont be in our lifetime...................

    Do women actually have feelings or are they just better at playing the game?

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    Women really do have feelings which, unfortunately, they don't control very well. Thus, it seems that they play the game better when, in reality, they play it worse...

    What's the next set of undisclosed/unannounced winning Powerball numbers?

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    Really? 04-11-16-24-48-22

    How does one get maximum traffic to his website for generating sales without having to pay someone?

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    One increases his/her Google rankings the same way someone one paid would do.

    Why if it is legal to buy firearms is it illegal in some states to buy body armor? After all, body armor, by itself, can hurt no one ...

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    Our right to bare arms is protected in the constitution, I don't think they had body armor back then thus we have no constitutional right to posses it and they are going to take what they can from us.

    Why do people freak out so much over a little storm?

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    People freak out so much over a little storm because a big storm is still fresh in their memories; as soon as the big storm fades from their memories they'll go back to not freaking out about little storms ... and then a big one will maul them when they aren't paying attention, again. That's the way of it with natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes; awareness always peaks right after a nasty one where people were largely unprepared ... and then fades. Then the cycle starts over...

    Why does the government try to legislate morality when legislation and morality are supposed to be completely separate things?

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    They try to legislate morality in accordance with what they think is right in order to try and change peoples views "the sheep" to there own. Thankfully we are still a country with less than 50% sheep.

    I love my country but I am scared of my government. Am I alone?

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    You are not alone. It's sad when citizens fear their governments ... because it is governments who should fear their citizens. If every citizen believed and stood up for this, then our government WOULD fear its citizens. Sadly, though, most are complacent ... and I'm sad to say that it's a much bigger number than 50%.

    Why do people allow complacency to govern their actions ... which then results in complacent government?

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    Because no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions/problems. Everyone expects someone else to take care of them and do what needs to be done for them. People don't care because they figure someone else will.

    Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
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