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    You can sleep because of stress induced by a new custody battle, someone vandalizing your truck, and whatever else is going on in your life.

    Which is worse and why: pollution from gas burning vehicles or pollution from the disposal of the batteries from hybrids IN ADDITION to the pollution they create when burning gas?

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    All pollution is bad no matter what vehicle you're in, but obviously I don't give a s*** because I drive a truck and I don't drive economically! F*** hybrids though, I don't like them!

    Why do I only eat one meal a day lately?

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    You eat only one meal a day, lately, because everyone eats a bit less in the summer and possibly because you might be mildly depressed (given recent goings-on). Combined with your insomnia ... your lack of eating makes a good case for some level of clinical depression. You should look up the symptoms and mentally consider yourself against them if both issues persist for any length of time.

    Why didn't TTR answer my last question and will I get an answer to it, from him?

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    Yes it will.. my bad lol..

    Answer: I think that electric vehicles are worse in term of polluting the environment and also what it can do to people. Batteries that come out of the Prius are often Lithium-ion which are very toxic. These batteries are not only toxic but dangerous especially if they are not recycled correctly. The toxins located with inside this batter can and will kill in if ingested and it will be painful, now you've never seen someone walk through a cloud of exhaust fumes and just die, yeah it wont be pleasant but it wont kill you either. These batteries also have the possibility of blowing up (lithium-ion is the top rated for explosions due to heat) when they become over heated or just sit in the heat. Even that makes you wander why these car makers would out death trap in your vehicle. I have never and will never own an electric vehicle (excluding a golf cart/Kabota) for my personal use. I will stick to driving a truck. The world is going to end one day anyways so I will pollute with my exhaust all day long before I explode while driving on the highway, no thanks!

    How come even when your mobile phone has no reception you can still make emergency calls but cannot make a regular phone call?

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    The GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) spec allows phones on one network to roam onto other networks for emergency calls, even if there's no roaming for other signal permitted due to a lack of arrangements on that tower. Similarly, the GSM spec allows emegency calls to be made from a mobile device that has no SIM card in it. So, in a nutshell, you'd be using a tower for the emergency call that you couldn't use for a regular call -- because the protocol spec was designed for it. Note that this assumes you've got any kind of coverage. Also note that this is exactly how the authorities can determine where you are by tower triangulation ... even in areas where you have no signal ... because if you've got the ability to dial 911 ... they have the ability to figure out where you are.

    Why do women gripe at you one minute and then want to be your best friend the next?

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    Because they are nuts. ( the technical answer would be hormones and mood swings due to hormones)

    Why does the majority of people settle for products and services that suck instead of fighting back and making them sell a better quality product or service. I am one of those that does not settle and I know if more were like me we would have better consumer products and services.

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    Here's your one-word explanation: COMPLACENCY.

    Why do morons with guns go on shooting sprees in public places and harm innocent civilians?

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    Because they were banned from the shooting range!!!!!!!

    When cable TV first came out and yes I was there, there were no commercials because you were paying a subscription for the programming and then they slowing started adding commercials and going up on the price sharply. My question is why do we put up with this crap? I understand complacency but this is ridiculous. This country would not exist if our founding fathers had been complacent and we will loose our country if we don't learn to stand up for what's right and take it back.

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    People, today, put up with it because it's less work than fighting it. Put another way, most people are lazy and tend toward the path of least resistance...

    Given today's modern barcode scanning techniques and RFID technology, why do we still have cashiers; why have they not been replaced with mechanisms that sense what you have and charge you accordingly without you ever cracking open your wallet?

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    That type of change is no doubt coming and we have the technology now but this sort of change has to be presented to the people in a gradual way in order for it to be accepted.

    What would you say is the single biggest reason why people in general have become so inconsiderate today?

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