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    That is just one example of our oxymoronic English language. To answer your question I guess because we love to drive and we have to park and that is what they call them.

    Why do places give the drive through priority instead of the people that took the time to park and walk in? This seems backwards to me and quite frankly it piss' me off.

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    The drive-through receives priority at places where the drive-through accounts for most of the business' revenue ... and these days that's most fast food places because people are too lazy to exit their vehicles. For the business it's just good business sense ... but from the human perspective I tend to agree that something's been lost when walking and dealing with someone in face-to-face fashion to complete a transaction nets you lower customer service than does order placement via a speaker & microphone and interaction through a window.

    If dogs are so much smarter and so much more trainable than cats ... then why do the vast bulk of them have to be walked, crap on the floor in the house (unless walked), and fail to cover their excrement so that it's more difficult for other animals to track them?

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    They've figured out there's no point in cleaning it up since that's what we're for apparently, whereas cats are still trying to figure that out.

    Why do people feel the need to converse about inane topics first thing in the morning even after being told several times that you're not a morning person? And as a follow-up, why are they then shocked when you get rather short with them regarding said topics?

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    People conversing about inane topics first thing in the morning ... are also not morning people ... which is why they are talking about inane topics first thing in the morning. i.e. They're still somewhat asleep. They're shocked when you are short with them because being short with them wakes them up!

    Why do men follow thier basest instincts when it comes to the pursuit of women despite knowing (rationally) they should not, in many cases?

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    It's all about the challenge...........................

    Why is it that while technology is supposed to make our lives easier most technology is too complicated for the average person to use to the fullest extent?

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    Technology is too complicated only for the average ADULT ... not for the average CHILD. If you think more like a child that doesn't mind experimenting with an object (taking as long as it takes to figure out how it works) ... just for curiosity's sake ... technology will never be complicated for you, either. Plainly put, technology isn't complicated ... most adults simply lack curiosity and are impatient when it comes to trying to learn new things ... and THAT is what makes technology a challenge for them.

    Why do adults lack curiosity (compared to children) and why are they impatient when it comes to learning new things?

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    I think that would be complacency with the way things are and were and not wanting things to change so we sometimes fight change and just allow our children or grandchildren to figure things out and or do new things for us so as not to have to accept change.

    Why is texting such a big deal with young people and some adults even though it is rude, dangerous (when driving), slow (compared to morns code) and pretty much eliminates personal interaction?

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    Texting is a big deal among some people because it allows for relatively quiet, unobtrusive interaction with others (sometimes many others) while multi-tasking. It actually trumps spoken communication when having multiple conversations, simultaneously. It also trumps spoken communication when there is a need to be quiet while communicating. It falls down, however, in communication speed and distraction level. Texting absolutely has a place as a communication form in today's society ... but people who tend to use it over spoken communication also tend to fail to know the proper times and places for texting.

    Whose fault is it when young people fail to know the proper times and places for things? Is this their own fault? Their parents' faults? A combination of the two? Please explain your answer...

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    Definitely the parents fault. I have an aunt and uncle in Georgia and they have 7 kids and not one is rude, inconsiderate, lazy, dangerous or anything. They are all great adults now and contributing members of society so I know it can be done if the adults know how to parent but i will admit that is very rare now days........

    Why can't more people just embrace the differences in people and not be so judgmental. I am speaking of differences that do not negatively impact other people of course.

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    People fail to embrace/accept differences that do not negatively impact others due to a change in perspective that began with the Baby Boomers. Prior to the Boomers there was no expectation that everyone get a trophy just for playing; you only got one if you won. Prior to the Boomers there was no expectation that everyone had the same opportunities; it was understood that this was an impossibility unless you dragged down those who excelled ... to the pace of those who could not. What I'm getting at is that somehwere, along the way, equality came to be a synonym with uniformity for many people ... and this was inculcated into the progeny of the Boomers for whom those lines were blurred. And, now, the children and the grandchildren of the Boomers are pushing uniformity as if it means equality ... which it absolutely does not. It's one form of it ... but it's an oppressive form of it.

    Why is it that people often push what's easiest as an approach ... instead of what's best?

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