Hi everyone. I'm an R&D Engineer at Hellwig Products (http://www.hellwigproducts.com) and we're working on designing some overload springs for the Express vans. We have test fit them on both a 3500 and 1500 van and have those figured out, but we're having trouble getting our hands on a 2500 van. Maybe one of you guys can answer our question? The 3500 van's factory leaf pack has 5 leaves (4 and then 1 thicker overload) and the 1500 only had 3 leaves. From our research it seems that there are two styles of the 2500 van, a 8500 GVWR and a 7300 GVWR version. Does anyone have either of these vans who can either tell me how many leaves are in the rear leaf pack or, even better, could take pictures of their leaf pack and send that to me along with the year and weight rating of their truck? My email is bknaus@hellwigproducts.com. This would help a ton getting us closer to releasing this line and making sure we have all possibilities covered. Thanks in advance!