I bought a new truck last November, got a great price on the truck but since I'm a cheap SOB I still complained about some of the options included. So after all was said and done they knocked a little off the price, I think they would've done that anyways without my whining.
The options I didnt want were Power Drivers Seat, Blue Tooth, Steering Wheel radio controls, and adjustable pedals. From my understanding these options are on almost every C/C LT Silverado and it's easier to find a truck with them than without.
After owning the truck for 6 months my wife made an observation that the options I whined the most about paying for are the items I seem to get the most use out of, sadly she's right.
I drove my Tacoma last week and kept thinking to myself how did I ever get along in this primitive truck?
Anyone else complain about paying for the extra's only to find out they now cant live without them?