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    Default '96 Suburban 5.7 Vortec will not start....

    I have a 96 Suburban w/ the 5.7 and it will not start. I did a search here and found this thread: and checked some of the resulting posts in that thread. I do know that in the 2 years I've owned the truck that on 2 separate occasions, usually after a day or two of heavy rain, very high humidity, the truck is very hard to start. On those occasions it almost seemed that once we hit normal outside temps (85+) for a day or two it would start with no problems. Truck runs fine during normal usage..

    The last time the truck ran all I did was start it (no problems) and pulled it further into the driveway and turned it off. The next couple of days consisted on heavy rains and condensation,

    I have checked the spark by pulling a plug wire and used a screwdriver to see if a spark jumps which it does, spark looks strong, added fresh gas (as the gauge was into the first section of orange) and still no go. I'm not all that mechanically inclined but I do know some basics. I can hear the fuel pump when the key is on.

    In checking for codes how do I tell which pins are A&B on the ODBII port? I do not see a fuel filter... is it inside the tank or is there an external filter somewhere? I have tried to use starting fluid but I get the same results - truck turns over but nothing...

    I will be more than happy to provide more detail if needed. Unfortunately finacial reasons prevent me from getting a mobile mechanic so I really appreciate any help at all!


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    You'll need a scanner to read the codes, jumping the A&B pins only works on 95 and older OBD1 systems. I would start by checking the fuel pressure, you want to see 60-66 psi with the key at the on position. You may also have moisture in the electrical connections to the sensors, computer, or injectors. Pull them and spray out with electrical parts cleaner.

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    Thanks Boon for your response. I spent an hour trying to track down a reader from one of my friends with no luck. I decided to try once again and viola the beast started! It ran a bit rough at first (which I'm thinking it was due to the number of attempts to start w and w/o starting fluid) but she is now running as well as she ever has.

    Now that it's drivable I'm headed to the local parts store as they will read the codes for me to see what if anything else might be wrong...

    Thanks again!

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    there is a fuel filter on the frame rail drivers side about where your door is.

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