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Gear changes are great, however keeping a budget of $1K in mind you're lookin at 2-3 of the other options (depending on the price you can find!). IMO exhaust, CAI, and a tuner will be the easiest to do. Depending on how savvy you are mechanically, you can install all of this on your own (I was able to do the intake and programmer on my own, and I'm a pretty big n00b). As far as brands K&N and Volant are good intakes, I prefer Magnaflow for exhaust, and a SuperChips flashpaq programmer will run you about $380 (just helped my grandfather with his). Good luck on your search and let us know what ya finally decide on!
You will never get the benefit out of all of that stuff that you will get from re-gearing alone. 3:42 gears were never meant to be used on a tow vehicle. they are for fuel economy, and satisfying the EPA. Towing a heavy load with 3:42 gears is a great way to stress and overheat your transmission. Them 4L60s ain't cheap either! (Also, MAKE SURE to put on an auxiliary transmission cooler if it doesn't already have one... assuming that you have an automatic tranny.)