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    Default Air Conditioning ACTUATOR problems --- 04' 2500HD Silverado

    Hey guys,&nbsp;<br><br>My A/C hasn't been blowing cold air out of the main vents (bottom or top) but DOES blow air from the side dash vents ...&nbsp;<br>Also, there's a <em>shuffling sound </em>under the dash.&nbsp;<br><br>I've been doing some looking around online and all signs are pointing to the ACTUATORS.<br><br>Can anyone tell me the steps to troubleshooting, and/or repairing this problem.<br><br><br>-Thanks<br><br><br>J. BARRINGER<br>CHARLOTTE NC&nbsp;<br><br><br><br>

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    if you hear a clicking noise then is the actuator.

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    Then its the actuator. Sounds like a CD Player constantly.. It blows cold air from the side vents of the dash on both the driver and passenger side.. but that's it!

    Can you tell me how to repair/replace it? I've seen some general info on replacement of the A/C Blend Door Actuator on 99-02 Models .. but nothing
    for the 2004+ Silverado'

    Is it the same unit, located in the same spot ?


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    whats exactly wrong with your A/C?

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    When i put the a/c on high it will not blow cold air out from the main vents in the middle of the dash.. (yes, they're switched to open) and the air only blows out from the defrost panels along the windshield.. and side vents by the windows.
    it will get much colder when its put on defrost..but other than that it doesnt blow much at all, sometimes its worse than others but more often than not, nothing!
    and it clicks sometimes, off and on.

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    You may have got lucking and just snapped the spine of the blend door/s__those little motors have torque we had a rough summer here in the Midwest did a lot of please just get it fixed,saw several GM's with the back of the door snapped__the Spine goes past the door into the motor.Little plastic shaft.If its doors parts = cheap..dash has to come apart about 4-6 hrs depending what they have to do to get the the busted part.

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    Default Fix for Air Conditioner Actuator problem

    It would appear that GM once again spent years designing in obsolescence. This problem is due to a defective mode valve actuator. You can get the details and get complete instructions for a fix at Sparky's Answers: 2003 GMC Envoy, No A/C Vent Control, B0263 . Thissituation is often caused when the vehicle is deprived of power, like when the battery is changed. Apparently someone at GM though it would be a great idea if the actuator cycled itself if power was lost. However they did not design the valve actuator to withstand the strain and the actuator jams in a manner that cannot be repaired. This is another GM design flaw that "no one" at GM knows anything about. However, if you take your car into a dealer they know exactly what the problem is and will gladly fix it for about $700. You can do it yourself in about an hour. You will need a palm ratchet or about another hour and a half because working in a very uncomfortable position with a regular ratchet will break your will. Good Luck!

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    Where's the AIR INLET ACTUATOR on this truck?
    I dont wanna pull the entire dash off if its not necessary.
    Is it on the passenger or driver side?

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