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    Default Need latch mechanism for tipping seats forward in extended cab....any ideas?

    I just purchased a very clean 91 k2500 extended cab with front 60/40 bench seat (which I assume are same as 1500). The interior is in great shape. The only annoying issue is that the latch that is used to allow the seat-back to tip forward for access to the back seat is missing a part(s). The seat backs are just free to tip forward at anytime. So when I turn around to back up, and hook my arm behind the passenger seat, the seat back on the passenger side just flops forward.

    The part that seems to be missing would be the lever or whatever one would grab and move to release the seat back from the locked position.

    Two questions:
    1) Does anyone know where one could possibly buy these little parts still? Or do I need to start looking for a junkyard part.
    2) Could someone with a functioning seat snap a photo of this little area/mechanism behind there seat so I can start to deduce what is missing?

    When I get home I'll take a photo of my seat as well.


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    Just wanted to finish my post. It turns out, I don't need anything. I purchased an owner's manual for this truck and in reading it I discovered the seats are supposed to "flop" forward, there isn't any latch that you need to lift to tip the seats forward. (although when looking at the hinge, it looks kind of a cover or latch or something is is not)

    There is a inertia mechanism so that in the event of hard braking or an accident the seat hinge locks so the seats won't tip forward. But all other times they flop forward, this was a convenience "feature" so when you're arms are full of groceries you don't need to reach around and undo any latch to access the back seat of the extended cab.
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