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    Default Alum. wheel coating?

    I've got the stock alum. wheels,wish i had a picture handy,there's like corrossion getting on them and closer inspection ,it looks like a coating,like plastic.Anyone have a problem like this and what to do with it.

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    The stock 'polished' wheels are clear coated, so what you might be seeing is clear coat failure.

    Have you used any harsh or acidic wheel cleaners?
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    It looks like the coating is pealing and the wheels tarnishing.What would be the fix.

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    How old is the truck? It might be covered under warranty, check that first.
    Theres a product called Zoops Polish that's made to protect aluminium, it works real good but I think you'd work yourself to death getting the old clear coat off. I used Zoops on my boat trailer wheels when I lived in Virginia Beach Va. as a last ditch effort to stop them from corroding and was real suprised when it worked as advertised, I had to reapply about every two years but to me that wasnt bad since I was dipping the wheels in the ocean ever other week.

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    Heres a product with lots of good reviews.
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    Polishing is not the problem.I wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem and what to do.It's the plastic like coating that's pealing up and short of having the rims bead blasted ,i don't know what to do.It's on all four rims.And what kind of problems will bead blasting do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmd73 View Post
    It looks like the coating is pealing and the wheels tarnishing.What would be the fix.
    Unfortunately, if the clear coat is peeling theres no 'fix' for it short of stripping the wheels and having them re-shot with clear coat.

    You could strip them yourself and polish out the raw aluminum, but thats a TON of work, and once they're done raw aluminum is a lot of work to maintain. Heres a writeup done on another forum where a member with GM 'polished' wheels stripped the clear to get raw metal. They do look spectaular when they're done, but its a crap load of work to maintain.

    You'd probably be best served to simply strip the wheels and have them reshot at a bodyshop.

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    After reading that i'd be as well off to buy new rims,gee wiz.

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    I'd have to agree... its a lot of work to take a CC'd oem aluminum wheel to raw polished, you'd have to really love the wheels to put in the effort.

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    high pressure power wash the crap out of em to get off all the flakes
    then wash and try the wheels
    then use clear high gloss rattle-can laquer.... theyll look great!
    mine do =)
    ill post a pic later
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