Ok, I'm putting my 95 C1500 back on the road. I'm currently in the process of giving it a fresh paint job. After the paint is done sometime this week I'm going to be driving her to my house roughly 100 miles away. The a/c does NOT work. The pressure switch on the back of the compressor is cracked and the bearings in the compressor are shot. I'm going to get a new compressor and new switch this weekend hopefully. My main concern is the oil for the compressor, such as how much and what kind. While I'm at it I'm most likely going to be getting a new dryer and exspansion valve for the added insurance. If anyone has some good info or a step-by-step manual that would be great. I'm not new to a/c work, I just haven't worked on this system in a long time and haven't had anytime to do the proper research due to just finishing a turn-around at work. Thanks in advance for any help.