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    Default Stupid Door Lock Button!!!

    I let the GF drive the 1999 suburban this weekend, and now the electronic door lock switch on both front doors won't work. The rear doors don't have that switch, but all four doors (and, I'm assuming the back barn doors) work fine when manually locked and unlocked. And, here's the kicker... they electronically lock and unlock with the alarm remote! I checked any fuses that I thought might have blown, but I didn't find a bad one. I pulled out the piece on the doors that holds the switches and checked to make sure one didn't come loose... nope - they are all secure. What am I missing?!?
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    Test the lock switch to see if it is sending a signal out when pushed

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    Quote Originally Posted by BASSIST View Post
    Test the lock switch to see if it is sending a signal out when pushed

    I had the thought "maybe the switch went bad", but both doors won't work. I think it's not as easy to believe they both failed on the same day. Not impossible, but improbable!

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    If one is broken it may affect the other one from working, we had a similar problem at the factory we had a shipment that was 50% bad.


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    I was wondering that! I thought there's a chance that if one switch goes bad, it also makes the other not work. I'll run a multi-meter across the switch contacts and see if one is different than the other.

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