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    Default 01 Dually Alignment/Front Wheel Shake

    My 01 Dually, extended cab, 8100, with 105,000 miles, needs new Michelin LT225/75/R16's, has developed a shake or wobble when applying moderate braking at 55 or 60 mph. I have replaced the front shocks and checked brakes and the Cerimax pads. Rotors have very little runout and feel smooth. There is no pulsation on the pedal when applying the brakes. The steering wheel feels like the front wheels are wobbling side to side, not up and down.

    My plans include 6 new tires and a front alignment. Are there any tricks to aligning the front wheels on a Dually?

    Can most shops handle this or do I need to go someplace special?

    What is the best way to check the front end for bad ball joints or other possible causes? I have jacked the front up and tried to shake the tires top/bottom and side/side with little luck.

    Looking at the front end does not show any "unusual" wear.

    Any suggestions or things to look for and watch out for?

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    Default FOUND the PROBLEM

    My buddy next door suggested brake pads. We took the calipers and pads off and he was right.

    Apparently the end of the pistons in the rear of the calipers exert the first/most pressure when applying the brakes. The outside pads were worn in a "wedge" shape with the most wear to the rear and the least in the front. The pads were wedging to the front causing them to grab and release. The pads on the inside, next to the pistons, were even all the way across. We took the pads out and switched the sides putting the fat end to the rear.

    Took the truck out and applied the brakes easy several times. I then got up to about 50 mph and got on them hard. Silky smooth, no wobble or grabbing or shaking.

    Got a wobble or shaking...Check the pads!

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    If your pads are wearing like that, you may want to replace the calipers. Seem they may be hanging or not coming out evenly. They make rebuild kits for some but probably just as cheap to replace.

    As far as checking joints: Jack one side up at a time. Take a big pry bar and stick in a hole in the wheel. Rest against the top of the rotor and pull up. This will tell you if you have a bad ball joint. Side to side will tell you if you have a bad tie rod end. As far as alignment: you have a 1 ton dually I assume. I would personally take it to a heavy duty truck shop that does alignments on medium and heavy duty trucks. Most will do 1 tons as well. I wouldnt trust a chain store for one on a ton truck. 3/4 and half ton......maybe. I have a 1/2 ton and still took it to a heavy duty shop. The average shop cant get a good alignmet on a truck with tires over a 33".

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