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    Default i need some help.

    ive got a 1990 suburban with some modified 6x9's in the back.
    i love the way the 6x9's sound and ive heard some people talking about mounts being made and sold to put the 6x9s on the doors.
    any of yall ever hear of these mounts? i never have.. and i cant find anything online..
    A little help please.

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    Can't say as I've ever heard of a "special" mount for 6x9's on a door? But if you go to your local sound shop they can point you in the right direction.
    Either way, my guess is you'll have to cut holes in the door. If you get lucky there might be room for them to sit inside the metal with no cutting, but the door panel will need cutting for sure. My advice would to be to go with something that will give you better sound quality and better resale value in the future. Such as a one way 6 or 6.5 inch speaker combined with some tweaters. The 6x9's wont perform as well when they're the standard 2 or 3 way design in one.

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    Funny, I got more compliments with a set of Jensen 6x9s and a decent deck, than anything else I had. But yeah, If you want tone, you need woofers! I would buy a bass tube for behind the seat, and 6x9s in the doors, low enough to avoid fouling the window.
    Brian L.

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    the kicker 6X9 speackers are the best 3 way ive heard.. the two in the back can thump my truck without distortion..
    i know i would have to cut into it.. just kinda scared of what im gonna cut on the other side of the metal...
    on the early 90 model suburban are the lower portions of the door hollow or does the window mechanism go all the way to the bottem?
    You call it a suburban.... i call it the party bus.

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    I have an 89 Burb, but I've never had the door panels off to know exactly what you might encounter back there? You'll just have to take one off and see what's there to make your decision I guess? Unless someone else comes along that's been there and done that.

    As for the sound......6x9's can perform well, I didn't mean to make anyone think they can't. But if you're looking for the best sound for your buck, then single components all with their own frequency is the only way to go. And like I said earlier, standard size (6 to 6.5") door speaker cut outs in your panels will make resale easier down the road.

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    my suburban has solid doors.. its the panel on top with small cut outs for the window and under theres the carpet cover.. i want to put it there.. but theres a solid metal layer.. an 89 and 90 should be the same

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    You gotta pull all the panesl off like you're gonna service the window, and move it up and down, and measure if you can, so you don't block the window from moveing with the speaker magnet. Good luck.
    Brian L.

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    An oval speaker will not reproduce sound as accurately as a round one. What you think you like from a 6x9 is probably the distortion. Every speaker makes different sound, and what we often like in a sound difference is how the distortion sounds, not the true reproduction of sound.

    I highly doubt you can fit a 6x9 in a door of any vehicle unless it is a semi tractor rig. If you really want those up front, you might consider fabrication of a kick panel enclosure or possibly a surface mount enclosure on your door panel (but the latter is going to really weigh down the panel).
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