Ok so here is my problem. I was driving down the road today, when i let off the gas pedal the truck just stopped running. Every thing stayed on but it was like the fuel just stopped. No warning at all. I thought the truck was out of gas. I tapped on the tank and i sounded empty. SO im thinking ok the gauge is wrong and i ran out. SO I put 5 gallons in it and still no start. I pushed on the pressure valve on the back of the throttle body and witht he key on it just sprayed and sprayed. PUlled the lines from the TB and fuel just runs rights out. SO i was thinking out good fuel no fire. I put some fuel in the TB and it fired up then died. I am stumped. NO engine light though. NOt sure whats up. Hoping it isnt the spider unit. the truck ran great right up until it died.