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Let us know if the new computer fixes the issue.

While you are at it, since diagnosis can be most of the battle, how did you determine that the computer had triggered a security code and that this required a computer replacement? When I've heard of cases where the security system disables the engine, it usually just needs some kind of reset procedure done to reset the security system.
The few mechanics that i spoke to all said the same thing with out me telling them that some one else said they thought it was a security problem. They all said the same thing almost word for word. It may not need a new computer but some of them said they have tryed to have the computer reflashed and it wouldnt work. SO for 100 bucks for a new computer ready to plug and play. I will probably send my old one out after the new one is in and running and have that reprogrammed so I have a spare. I would rather not mess around trying to get the dealer to do it and not charge me both my legs and one arm.

I will keep everyone updated on the repair.