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    Sure, a break from time to time is ok. Traveling all the time ... isn't. If I want to see pics of this beautiful country I can find HD images/video online and avoid all the hassle ... and often get a better view/image than if I'm there, as it's often about being in the right place at the right time and I seldom seem to be. There's nothing wrong with seeing things through a lens, is there?

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    i like being able to just walk out my front door and see the woods, and open fields every day to me thats better than any picture can show, would you or would you not agree with that?
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    I agree with that, which is why I was trying to buy land in the country. I (legally) backed out of the deal when I learned the seller lied on a disclosure form and that there's an IRS lean (for 120k!) on the property that he failed to disclose. How messed up is that?

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    im glad you did your homework on that, that wouldve sucked a lot if you went through with it.....what did the seller say when confronted about it?

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    Nothing. My confrontation came in the form of legal execution of a right to terminate my offer -- which entailed a requirement to refund my earnest money check. It was a legal instrument that resulted in the required refund. The buyer effectively wasted 2 months where the property was off the market. He's been in default 155 days (the property was a short sale) ... and now HAS to disclose the IRS lean on the disclosure form. No one will touch the property until that's fixed.

    I followed up with an email to his agent saying we can talk, again, once they have written proof (a la evidence of a clear title via a title search AND written proof from the IRS) that the property is free of all IRS encumberances. If they call me back then I'll make one final offer and it'll be less than my original (and I'll expect them to pay cost of close so that it's their money on the line in the event of any additional surprises).

    As I'm the only buyer expressing interest in the property in 1.5 years, I'm sure they'll call me back if they can get the property free of encumberances. And if not, I'll be looking to pick it up in foreclosure... as that's likely where it'll go.

    Put another way, I dealt the guy a very harsh hand as punishment, as I took his situation and made it worse -- since he might have been able to leverage my offer as a means to keep the IRS at bay (i.e. plea to IRS: "I have a deal on the table and can pay some of what I owe if you let me sell my property!") ... and now can't. It also strenghtened my buying position to turn my back, as I can now be more demanding if they come back to the table.

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    well i tip my hat to you! that is awesome and the best way to take care of it! im not familiar with foreclosures, but if/when i goes to that will it be cheaper than what they are asking

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    It has the potential to save me 60k by waiting for foreclosure -- but it will drag out a minimum of 2 months and possibly another 18 months. Know that I did an inspection of the property at my expense and also took bids from contractors to price out the repairs -- since it was a short sale. So I know exactly what the house needs. Usually in a foreclosure situation (or even a tax sale situation) there's no disclosure on the property, no right to an inspection prior to close, and you must buy 'as-is'. The house needs ~32k in work and I know every detail of what's wrong with it -- which is a huge thing to know if it goes to foreclosure or tax sale. It's also another way for me to be harsh with the seller if I choose, as there's nothing that stops me from making that information public a la flyers or a sign across the street.

    I've learned a lot through this process. More than I really wanted to know about short sales and foreclosures. Don't you think there's a reason most agents say to avoid them?

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    it could be that your agent is a smart person no?? sounds like you learned a lot but thats the best way to learn, with out losing a whole lot, maybe just some patience and maybe some faith in some people

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    This was the first time my agent has dealt with a short sale and she had just gone through training for it, so she was learning, too. The decisions were mine and mine, alone... as at key points the agent said she could only present the facts to me and could not advise me as she's not an attorney. I give her lots of credit for getting me good facts, though. Now where's my question, in this?
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    it sounds like she has a very promising career in front of her, and life is all about learning never to old to learn lol. is NC suffering from the drought in the south?

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