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    No drought, here. Usually there is one but this year we've had plenty of rain -- probably rain other parts of the country normally get but haven't. How is it in MN?

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    we had that freak flood early in the year which destroyed a lot of roads, houses got destroyed, and a few zoo animals died. Other than that its been kinda dry rain here and there but it hasnt been bad. Can you guess what PETA tried to do to the zoo?
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    People For th Eating of Tasty Animals (PETA)? And WTF is 'dry rain' aside from an oxymoron???

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    whoops forgot the the punctuation there dry, rain there fixed lol...well the "people for ethical treatment of animals" tried to bring a law suit against the zoo because a few animals died in the flood, dumb huh?

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    Not really. There'd be a lawsuit if we let prisoners die in cages in a flood, wouldn't there? It's the same principle -- the captors have an obligation to the captives and that obligation was not met. The difference, I think, is that people have rights in our society (yup, even criminals) ... while animals, do not.

    Normally I think PETA is ridiculous, but in this case I tend to agree it's unethical as hell for people to permit animals they put in cages to drown in those cages -- or fail to be fed, etc. On a purely moral level, don't you?

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    there wasnt much the zoo keepers could do, the responded as fast as they could but the water got so high so quick there really was nothing that could be done, the last time there was a flood like this up here was i think back in the 50's no one up here really thinks about flooding maybe some water in the basement in the spring but not the foot and a half that i had in mine or the 7 feet some people had, or roads being completely washed out, thankfully no people died in the flood, i remember driving home from work just as it started by the time i got home(15mins) there was already a foot of water on the roads. the weather people couldnt even predict that it would have been as bad as it was. wouldnt it be smarter for PETA to instead work with the zoo to make the place better for animals so something like that doesnt happen or so send volunteers to help clean and repair the zoo?? personally i think it was a selfish move on their part. the zoo keepers and all the employees are completely heart broken over the deaths of the llamas and the goats (petting zoo animals).

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    No one said activists use logic or make sense. In fact, most tend not to ... resulting in activism for the sake of activism instead of activism for the purpose of doing good. It's ironic how acitivists often tend to lose sight of their objectives, isn't it?

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    do you think its because most of them dont get results and try to go to shock value after awhile?

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    I think it's the inevitable result of trying to change other people. People tend to change only for themselves, you know?

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    yep yep and sometimes the change isnt good. have you ever changed yourself for someone?

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