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    HUH? You know I have no clue right?
    2010 Chevy Silverado Z71 ext cab.4x4
    72 Monte Carlo 350-415 hp- sold (June 2011) to pay medical bills
    79 Impala 350 4bbl 375 hp- sold (June 2011)to pay medical bills

    "If He asks you to go a mile go two"

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    Didn't I just lend you one?

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    LOL Didn' you know when it comes to IT stuff, I am blonde?

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    I presumed you lacked hair. Still have some?

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    Yes still have some but it is getting thinner on the top side.
    Does ones brain grow out of his hair as he gets older?

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    No. Are you not familiar with the saying that 'the more hair you lose ... the more head you get'???

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    Isn't it true that men don't loose there hair, it just goes back in and comes out in other places?

    2002 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab SportSide: See Mods in My Garage

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    Thankfully I've not experienced that. Sure I'm losing mine, but it's not going into the 12th dimension and coming out somewhere else. You know about the 12th dimension, right?

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    I have no knowledge of this 12th dimension you speak of.

    Blond hair is a product of the red Gene so why is it that most blonds don't turn grey and all red heads do?

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    The first dimension is length. The second dimension is width. The third dimension is height. The fourth dimension is time. Well, the 12th dimension is where you keys go ... and you wallet when you lose it ... and the socks that go missing from the laundry go there, too. Interestingly, socks 12th-dimensionalize, undergo a change, and reappear in your closet as empty hangers...

    Regarding your question:
    I'd expect it's the failure to continue to produce some kind of pigment that causes hair to turn grey. Maybe blondes never produce it to begin with? (Kinda like brain cells? )

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