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    Every relationship is going to have its ups and downs.. If it didnt then you would be sleeping with yourself

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    Wow, funny I was the last to post this in November. Going through some tough times right now in my relationship. Shes half packed and ready to move out. After 7 years this woman is breaking my heart

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    I'm sorry to hear that. :( I'll be keeping you two in my prayers. I'm still single and haven't had the chance to marry yet, and I look forward to the day when God provides the one for me. And I fully expect there to be up's an downs..for the simple reason that it is two different people coming together as one. How you work things out is a HUGE factor in a you go about hard times together is huge..women are emotional and need someone to support them..that is where the man comes in as the stronger being. I'm not trying to sound preachy...just putting my thoughts down.
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    My wife and I have been married 10 years, together for 15. About 3 years into our relationship she was working toward her masters degree in counseling. Part of the requirement for the degree was that she had to go to a counselor for something. anything. Just for the heck of it we decided to go together, not that we were having issues, but we got to spend that extra hour together so why not! We went in thinking of it as a joke. But, it really helped us with our communication skills and made arguments so they actually solved something. At this point we have kinda thrown the things out that we learned and try to remind each other of the skills we learned back then when we argue. As said many times here. No relationship is perfect. In my opinion how you argue is what makes or breaks a relationship.

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    I don't have to worry about getting divorced because finding a wife or even a girl friend is the hard part...

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    After 37yrs, it's getting close to the BIG "D"! Job loss x2 and no help for many years is wearing on me. She has bills that I have been paying for but no work on her part, until recently and bitching to pay. Many $$ banked, by me but no help! I say cash out and hide, and let her roll on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyA View Post
    After 37yrs, it's getting close to the BIG "D"! Job loss x2 and no help for many years is wearing on me. She has bills that I have been paying for but no work on her part, until recently and bitching to pay. Many $$ banked, by me but no help! I say cash out and hide, and let her roll on?
    39 years this year......I have always been the major bread winner, thats just part of the deal. If after 37 years, you havent figured that out, maybe it is time to bail. Remember though, it will cost you a lot more now than ever before.

    1997 GMC

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    hey, i feel your pain. kids are better to be from a broken home, than live in one. kids adjust and from experience, being there for the kids is the wrong reason

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    Yeah communication is a large key in the success of a relationship IMO. That was lacking on my other halfs part as I just found out a lot of her issues were the way I was treating her without realizing it. I finally got her to open up to me and it was almost too late. Got her to reconsider moving and give it one more try and now I know what to look for and what to change.. It took a lot of talking, a lot of recalling old time good memories, some more talking, a little laughing and some more talking to finally get her to see that it can be worth fighting for. Love this woman to death and will do anything to keep from losing her.. Wish me luck!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogred View Post
    IF you want to keep the marriage together try watching the movie fire proof. There are a few good points in that movie hit home in my marriage.
    Amazing this was brought up here.. I was telling a co-worker yesterday I was having some issues and today he brought this dvd movie in and said for me and the woman to watch it. Gonna sit down and watch it soon!!

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    Ok, I'll admit I haven't been married too long yet and we just had our first kid so I don't have as much experience in this but here's my penny worth of thoughts.
    We had a rough year after the "honeymoon" phase was over. But right at the start we laid out some ground rules. All of these have to apply both directions.
    1.) Never go to bed mad at each other, you stay up until it's fixed.
    2.) Never yell at each other, if you feel yourself getting that mad or upset or frustrated, you need to leave the room, go outside, to the garage, whatever. You need to tell the other person you need a minute to calm down and you'll be back shortly when you can discuss the situation calmly. (I admit I use this one the most... darn German / Irish mixed blood)
    3.) Quitting is never an option. I know not everyone will agree with this one, but I stood before my wife and God on the day we were married and I vowed "until death do us part" and I intend to keep that promise to my deathbed. Her and I both agreed on this shortly after we were engaged.
    4.) After whatever issue is worked out, we both have to make a sincere effort to work on our side of the problem (communicate more, stop this do that, whatever it was.) I typically have little reminders in my phone to help me. I can't remember a birthday or anniversary without it. Literately.
    5.) After the issue is resolved, you get to the closed doors make-up time. We both feel that's important.

    and we've just added this one: These discussions are not to be had in front of the children.

    I also agree with the movie Fireproof. I enjoyed that movie, a lot. I also think it's helpful to have a mutual friend (not your buddy or her girlfriend) that will help be an impartial mediator for larger issues. I personally use my pastor as we were both friends of his before we were ever interested in each other. They have a book that sort of goes with the movie, but I haven't looked into it at all

    Please let me know if you need any help, and I'll do whatever I can. Prayers, advice, whatever. Just PM me
    2007 Silverado 1500 NNBS - Work truck and daily driver
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