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    Quote Originally Posted by aloxdaddy99 View Post
    In Pa there are 2 seasons. Construction and Winter
    minnesota has a ya beat, we have almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction!


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    I will trade with Minnesota. We are already in high 90's every day and it is just June. And more construction to begin July1 in Salt Lake, on top of all the current projects.
    Government must have planned all this as it makes no sense at all.
    Latest road they did was spray tar then dump trucks of aggregate on road and let us the drivers work it into the hot pavement. Can you say Body and Paint shop? Sadly all that did was intensify the ridges and bumps in the road
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    hey, its been hot in minnesota to. talked to my dad on sunday, he said its been 80-90+ pretty much constantly the last 10 days or so.

    and I hear ya on the roads coach, minnesota does something similar.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sierraowner5.3 View Post
    hey, its been hot in minnesota to. talked to my dad on sunday, he said its been 80-90+ pretty much constantly the last 10 days or so.

    and I hear ya on the roads coach, minnesota does something similar.


    It seems a waste to do a half hearted job that needs to be redone in another year. Just close the road do 24/7 construction and reopen. Then move to the next one on the list and do the same. That way traffic can still have some flow to it.

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    what they do is resurface, run a grinder over the road to level it, shoot some oil down, then dump the grindings (sp???) back over it and have drivers pack it down. throws bits of pavement everywhere! not so bad once it gets packed, and does a halfway decent job at smoothing the road out, but its very irritating to drive on after they just did it. u end up with lots of nicks in your paint. one reason lots of people have big custom mudflaps on their trucks, keep the rocks and crap down. tho we do have lots of gravel roads where im from, so thats part of the reason.


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    Here in Milwaukee a lot of the streets are pretty bad with frost damage and heaving. You need to have a high ground clearance vehicle. The street outside work is so bad that it will kill your shocks and beat up the rest of your suspension. Its so bad that if they tore up all the pavement it would probably be better.

    The freeways are a joke in this town. The stupid politicians will bicker and #### around until the bridges are ready to collapse. And those those turd bags would rather spend money on a stupid train that no one will ride instead of fixing the roads and freeways that every one needs.

    To my friends in DFW, as the saying goes, it could be worse, you could be in Milwaukee.
    This is Chevy Country.

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    Had a couple of job offers in Milwaukee. How is the environment there?

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    In Baton Rouge, theres always roads being worked on between I10, I12, I110, Airline, Essen, Bluebonnet, Highway 30, Highway 44, Highway 431, Siegan Ln, and various roads in and around Baton Rouge. Really speeding along when they're not sitting on their butts drinking water because its 0700 and it already broke 73 outside. I really wonder if they're "fixing" the roads or just making them worse...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach24 View Post
    Had a couple of job offers in Milwaukee. How is the environment there?
    We just had a major election a couple of weeks back. Leading up to that (for the past year) there was a lot of uncertainty and employers were reluctant to post job positions. Now, it is expected that employers will pick things up a bit. There are good prospects for technical positions (Technicians, Engineers, Mechanics, skilled trades).

    Milwaukee, being in south eastern Wisconsin has a varied climate. with 100 degree temperature swing though out the year. Today it is about 95 degrees with 70 degree dew point. The breeze is from the west so there is no lake effect. In winter we get 1 to 4 feet of snow. We don't (usually) have the extreme cold of North Dakota or the extreme summers of DFW, but we get every thing in between.

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    Lots of construction on I-35 in waco making the interstate bigger and increasing the speed limit. Also on 1365 in Mexia, they are also making that road bigger. It's literally almost the size of Hwy 84, it has me wondering what these bigger roads are for.

    Is it linked to the conspiracy theories about underground bunkers and these larger roads are just there for easier access?! haha

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