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    Looks like he's not fast enough either to beat me. Hmmm donyms next

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

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    Bigger Amp Alternator | Electric Fans | Transmission Fluid cooler | Paint (Halfway there)| Interior Restoration/Upgrade with newer model parts | Window Visors (In channel) | Tint | Low-Profile Tool Box | LEDs throughout stock cab locations (68% Done) | And whatever is spurr of the moment
    CVN-69 "IKE-ATRAZ" AIR/V-2 Gear Dawgs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rileyjr16 View Post
    Not before I said the white guy. I'm off today trying to decide of I want "free" food or get off this big canoe and get something. Not sure. Donyms you're up
    My advice to you is this:
    • Eat the taxpayer-funded food and only that.
    • Consider it part of the job just like wearing the uniform is.

    Sure your buddies and others may be headed out and may even rib you about it, but you'll be saving your cash by socking as much of it away as you can. Every meal you don't buy out of your own pocket is cash you can put toward a mod you want. Better yet, every dime you save will help toward a downpayment on a home when you get out of the service and it's time to buy one.

    Also, if you have a chance to do college work on the Navy's (i.e. taxpayers') dime, you should absolutely take it as they'll pay for school AND pay you to go. If you go career then being educated is a requirement if you want to be an officer (and you do, as they make healthy paychecks) ... and a master's is needed if you want serious advancement. If you don't intend to go career you still want the education so that you are competitive in the job world when you get out -- it's a VERY tough market, out there. Also, you might as well get paid to learn rather than having to pay to learn like civilians without scholarships must.

    Consider this:
    If I'd done ROTC in college and then gone career military (which I planned to do but the first gulf war broke out and changed ALL of my plans) I'd have 6 more years until I could retire from the military. If I hadn't done ROTC it'd be 10 more (which still isn't long). In both cases I'd have some percentage of officer pay for the rest of my life after retirement AND health benefits AND I could pick up a job in the civilian world and work if I felt like it. (By comparison, I am 23 years from retirement age in civilian jobs and there's no health benefits in private sector civilian jobs, anymore. See the difference?!)

    The military is a good life as an officer and the only tangible differences between civilian and military life are:

    • In the military you always have a job (and can't quit)
    • In the military you always know who your boss is
    • In the military you are guaranteed three hots and a cot plus clothing and a paycheck -- and have none of these guarantees as a civilian

    I regret not having served. It is, in fact, my one regret. And if I had served I'd have gone career and been living the advice I'm giving you. However when my mother begged me not to go in and my father (who is a veteran) suggested I take my mother's advice ... well, that's hard to ignore. :(

    Riley's hopefully next to read this. I'm going back to my on board air system work.

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    Yeah i ate on the boat. Had chicken and something that resembled fish and potatoes. Surreal next

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    agree Surreal might be next
    Tim Walters (Curky)

    Wrangler AT/S 265/70R17 - Trail-FX window vents - Husky fitted splash guards - Silver Star zXe - Leveling kit -

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    Nope it is me. Sitting on the flight deck talking to Kate. Hmm donyms up in the morning

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    Good call. I'm finally home. Lots of truck work done today. It's funny how 12 hours of work doesn't look like much when done.

    Curky in the morning...

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    you got it Donyms next

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    I'm here, Curky again?

    2002 Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab SportSide: See Mods in My Garage

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    yep, Surreal maybe?

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