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    A local gal who is cute, fit, faithful, healthy, drug-free, gainfully employed, practical, lacks children, doesn't want children, prefers to drive a truck, wrenches on her truck, likes 4-wheelers and guns, f***s like a porn star, keeps her word, and isn't clingy ... would probably change my mind. It's a tall order ... and I won't compromise. (I'd rather be single than settle.)

    Curky again.

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    Wow! That is a dream girl right there. If you find one and they have a sister let me know. surreal again.
    Tim Walters (Curky)

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    AMac is actually pretty close to that mark (I don't know about some of those items, hence why I say close) ... making her man a very lucky one. Sometimes I wonder if the guy realizes it.

    Curky, again...
    Last edited by SurrealOne; 05-06-2013 at 02:18 PM.

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    Maybe he does maybe he don't. I would say most men that do, soon forget because it becomes custom. Not all but most. I over heard my wife this weekend talking to one of her friends about getting me my ATV. Don't know when but hey, that would be cool. surreal you still here

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    Heh! Fingers crossed for you.

    CR should be around, soon...

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    Yup, I'm in. After a weekend of major vehicle tuning up and last week upgrading my positive end of my cables I'm seeing definite improvements in acceleration and MPG, as well as better morning starts and running while cold.

    In contributing to your convo before. My girlfriend initially hated and feared my truck until riding it it alot and learning that even with its large size and poor mileage its an amazing vehicle. It has reached a point where she wants to learn to drive my truck and learn things about cars more.

    Surreal next

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    ROFL -- one of my high school friends is a liberal lefty who writes for a magazine. She just posted a link about how guns are marketed to children (with a sensationalist title that read 'this is how guns are marketed for children') ... suggesting it's a problem. The guns in question were actually junior stock firearms ... the kind you'd use when teaching a child to shoot. They are actually marketed to adults (who can buy them), not kids (who cannot) ... specifically adults who are interested in using firearms that properly fit smaller people to teach them to use them ... rather than handing something an adult would use to a child ... who can't properly shoulder and wield it (i.e. causing a safety concern).

    So, I responded with this link ( and put a sensationalist title that indicated that 'this is how spoons are marketed for obese people'. I then asked if it sounded absurd (because it is) ... and suggested that we stop trying to suggest the implements are a problem and, instead, place the responsibility for people using implements to do things that disgust us ... with the people who use them for such things. I pointed out that THAT is the path toward solving the actual problem.

    I guess that's one way to lose a Facebook friend (and probably an old high school friend) ... as I was defriended and blocked. Heh!

    CR again...

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    Nice! And I agree guns aren't the problem, bad/mentally ill people with guns are. Even my grandmother (Superintendent of Newtown Public Schools) who is very liberal and very left agrees with me guns are not the problem mental health is and making sure people who shouldn't own a gun don't.

    Surreal next

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    I'm in real quick before bed. Y'all have a good one. Curky in the morning. Surreal, good luck with the lady.
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    surreal, i so, so sorry that you were blocked and are no longer friends with that person. This has happened to me many, many times since the guns became a living organism and started to kill people. They can say there peace but we can't say ours. so sad. Donyms up next maybe

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