hey guys,

quick little history:

ive had a set of boston acoustics RC620 component speakers in my doors since my big brother gave me the truck when i was 16... so im pretty sure he installed these somewhere around 2003.
ever since ive had them they have always sounded nice except not a day in my life have i heard a single bit of satisfying midrange. whenever they play loud for about a minute its like the passenger side always cuts out, and now in the last few weeks i have noticed that some days the passenger side does not work at all, and as of a week ago i have not heard them work once. i have rebuilt every other audio aspect of my truck myself so i trust everything is in working order as i have checked all connections and the like. so i am thinking that since these speakers are at least 9 years old it might be a good idea to replace them anyway...

i have always been impressed with the alpine type-r speakers, and am definitely considering the
alpine SPR-60C door speaker component set even though it runs about $200.00....
my only concern is will these speakers play properly in my truck given an alpine MRP-F300 amplifier that puts out
50WX4 RMS @ 4 ohms
75WX4 RMS @ 2 ohms
(given 14.4V)
the speakers themselves are 110W RMS each...
the last thing i want is to spend money on great speakers but have them not perform optimally due to incorrect power input.
is this enough power or should i be looking at a different set of speakers or even..... a bigger amp (last resort)?