I've lived in southeast Oklahoma all my life my family is here. My household is me my wife & our 2 boys. We have a nice sized home on nearly 3 ac. which is more land than I need or want to take care of. My job sucks & the new economy makes it worse, I've been there for almost 12 years & no place within reasonable driving distance can compete if they are even hiring. My wife doesn't like it here anymore because there is nothing for the kids to do close by, I'm starting to agree with her & wondering what keeps me here. Mostly its the fear of what would happen I've switched possitions at my job a few times looking to find a better place only to be hitting a wall & I don't want to go so far as to sell our home move off (out of state if need be) change everything to find things worse than they are here. I would like to stay close to the area so visiting family wouldn't be a week vacation lol. Thinking about the surrounding states. I like the Southern Mo. area, NW Arkansas seems to be booming right now, Tulsa, OK is on the list my Brother in law lives there & could probably help me get a job the cost of living seems about the same as here but job pay is higher. I've been on the net past few days looking for cities towns in these areas & trying to compare but I thought I would ask on here how it is where you live even if you don't live in this 4 state area.