Even though TLC™doesn’t make or sell wireless controllers, we want our customers to have the best air options and the most advanced systems are wireless.

TLC is pleased to announce that we have tested and now recommend the WirelessOne
from AirLift as the wireless controller of choice for TLC.

The WirelessOne works seemlessly with all TLC models and offers the Ultimate Total Load Control! The WirelessOne (Model #25870) includes the wireless remote and air compressor, is accurate to 1 psi,
fits in the palm of your hand and has digital read out and convenient features such as “set and forget” psi.

For your information, while you can buy the WirelessOne from many retailers and websites, the best price we have found to date is $312 from AutoAnything.com including free shipping. http://www.autoanything.com/suspensi...5863A0A0.aspx?

TLC has no financial interest in the sale of WirelessOne - we just offer our recommendation to those who prefer a wireless controller for their TLC suspension.

TLC's standard kit for each model includes two (2) 9" Goodyear® air springs, TLC patented brackets, nuts and bolts, a Shrader valve, connectors and tubing.

Each standard kit can be used with the WirelessOne as well as your own compressor or manually with air from any outside source such as shop air or even a hand pump if necessary!

TLC offers as an option, in addition to the standard kit, a Viair 100C air compressor with Omega Bracket (AC), a custom-made analog switch and gauge panel and all necessary hardware, fittings and tubing. TLC recommends professional installation for the AC option, or an experienced DIYer, to get a factory-made look.

In celebration of announcing TLC & WirelessOne – and in honor of the upcoming holiday – we offer the following sale prices effective immediately and running through July 4. If you've been following TLC, these are the lowest price we've ever offered.

For 2007-2012 Silverado & Sierra 1500

$399 -
Wireless Ready

- with Viair Air Compressor (AC)

Shipping FREE in the USA; $50 to Canada & Mexico & $100 Worldwide (weighs 30+ lbs).

If you have any questions, please contact TLC John.