So my truck clipped my co-worker's 09 silverado ltz at work. I have to replace the front right bumper extension which is down where the fog light is mounted into. Didn't bend anything, nor dent just traded paint. I already ordered the piece out of gmpartsdistributor and it's sitting here at my house. I'm trying to make this easy for both of us, and take his bumper off, bring it to have it matched and the new one painted, without causing inconvenience to making an appointment and waiting+paying more for a shop to to do the removal/installation. So, how hard is it? I've done my own brakes/tie rods/exhaust/leveling kit/ball joints on my silverado already. I only ask because certain body pieces can be a pain to deal with along with the fact that its a newer vehicle. I need to get this done soon. Can anyone help me out?