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    Question Starting problem with older Chevy C-10

    Hey, I'm new to this site but here's the problem: It doesn't want to start on warm starts. It will start if i just turned it off but if I went in the store and came back it struggles like crazy. Thought the starter was going out so I replaced it. Sometimes it starts right up sometimes it takes a lot of attempts. I haven't tested the battery but it will start if it can crank the fly wheel enough to actually get a spark. Sometimes it will just click and sometimes it will crank slowly after a little speed up and fire up. I have the right viscosity oil, brand new starter, checked the connections, battery seems to not be the problem. Starter clunks and doesn't always turn. Maybe i need a heat shield to protect the heat from the headers...don't know what to do....
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    Check the engine end of the main ground wire - it runs from the batttery negative to the alternator bracket. Unscrew it, wire clean both the crimped connector and the threads of the hold down bolt and re-tighten.

    Check the main lead from the battery to the starter. It goes down from the battery positive and then along the underside of the engine. There is usually a clip at the gas pump that holds it in place. Over time, vibration and heat can cause the clip to wear through the insulation. This results in a dead ground.

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    It would help if you would identify your vehicle - year, model, engine?
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    id assume its his 74 c10 with the 350. i have the same problem on my 355 but i just assumed it was the heat from the headers. my truck doesnt run quite as well as it should when its hot out anyway so im thinkin about dropping a jet size to see if thatd help at all... if i ever get around to it, ill let ya know how that effected my warm starts lol

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    Back in the day a common problem with Chevy's running headers was the starter getting heat soaked and not wanting to turn over.
    This normally happened after the starter got a little age on it and the armitures inside started to get worn.
    The cure is to replace/rebuild the starter and manufacture a decent heat shield.
    Headers on GM engines normally hug the block and starter real close so they can clear the frame.
    Another way to cure this is use heat wrap on the headers.
    Heat wrap is preffered now a days because it also helps to prevent the fuel line, which is running down the frame rail and close to the headers, from developing vapor lock.

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