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    I took it over today and spoke to one of the guys I recognized from when I purchased the truck. I also asked to speak the the SM. I was told that the SM wont be in until next week, he just had a baby. He went and got one of their detailer/bodyshop guys and he brought out some 0000 steel wool. He ran it over and no change. Said it was def under the paint. They call it "rail dust". the truck come in on trains and I guess tiny shards of metal make their way into the paint. They said they had an impala with the same issue before and they wound up replacing all the chrome. So I was asked to bring it by next week once the SM returns.

    Everyone is very nice there, so we'll see come next week.

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    Why do you have to wait for the sales manager? Serious his job is sales and overseeing the sales staff. I would demand for the GM or owner of the dealership. If this is as bad as it sounds, you should be entailed to a new truck or dealer cost to repaint at minimum. Plus the time and aggravation to go back and forth and time without your truck. Don't let the dealership walk all over you, demand this to be corrected and at your terms. If they admit they have seen this before and know about the issue, contact GMC direct for resolution too. Not your fault by any means, why not get what you paid for?

    Best of luck and keep us posted


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    Service Manager, not the sales manager. He is out the rest of the week. I understand where you are coming from but before I go into beast mode, I want to give them a chance to make it right without getting belligerant. I'm not letting them walk all over me. Trust me on that one.

    Just to clarify, the only parts that are affected are the plastic chrome pieces. The rest of the truck is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 73AMC View Post
    Service Manager, not the sales manager. He is out the rest of the week. I understand where you are coming from but before I go into beast mode, I want to give them a chance to make it right without getting belligerant. I'm not letting them walk all over me. Trust me on that one.

    Just to clarify, the only parts that are affected are the plastic chrome pieces. The rest of the truck is fine.
    I think you handling it the right way. No need to get ugly just yet. You can attract more bees with honey than you can vinoger. However I would examine the paint very very closely before you determine that it wasn't affected. Good luck and keep us in the loop.

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    Went out and looked closer at the hood. There does appear to be some in the hood as well but it isn't as noticeable due to the color of the truck. This seems to be an all make issue, not just Chevy. Its from the iron particles made by the train wheels and tracks during shipment. I'm planning on going back to see what they can do for me. I've read that dealerships have a wash that actually dissolves the particles from the clear.

    I just don't want to have any issue down the road. I'm not happy, but there really wasn't anything I could have done. No one goes over their vehicle with a magnifying glass before they buy. I've never even heard of this until now.

    We'll see how the dealer handles it and go from there. I'm sure most of new car buyers don't even know about rail dust.

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    I hope all your problems are solved, it's sad to see a dissatisfied GM owner.. As @LOVINTHESTORM mentioned, you are handling this the correct way and for that I'm sure that the dealership will take good care of you. Best of luck!

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    I would take it to the dealer and see what the problem is. The truck is brand new but doesn't show it cosmetically. I would take it in and see what they think Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 08_rado_rocker View Post
    Is the dealer you bought it from a corporate owned dealer****? Or a home-town local dealer? I've had multiple run-ins with corporate (Lithia/All American) dealers about defects in the paint of a 2009 TX Edition I purchased brand new. It never got fixed properly and even came back from the body shop with what looked like the claw end of a hammer hit it and dented/took the paint off to the metal. Needless to say the brand new loaner they gave me ended up getting pretty messed up... so I got my revenge in the end as well as a fist fight with the lard-ridden body shop manager who lied directly to my face about it being there when it came in. All of this spurred from a simple windshield replacement because of there being a ripple in the laminate between the layers of glass and it coming back with paint missing above where the window goes. I got the truck back with a new piece of weatherstripping across the top (you can look at ANY NNBS truck and see that there is NO weatherstripping at the top of the window!!)

    My personal experiences are just awful, so I wish you the best of luck in trying to get them to actually do something about it.

    I will never buy from an All American/Lithia dealer EVER again and have also taken upwards of 300K$ of business from them by preventing people from buying there.

    enough ranting. Good luck to ya bud!

    Been There Done That!!! I took mine in for a bad door fit, they jacked the door up by the window trim and ruined it. Then they denied doing it on a 1 month old truck. I think the body shops hire the criminally insane liars in Chevy land. I had complaints about missing paint on a BRAND NEW truck the service manager offered me a bottle of touch up paint.
    It sounds like "dealer prep" consists of putting air in the tires if they are flat.....maybe. I had mine for less than 50 miles and had a flat, the dealer said they would change it for $50.00 and charge me another $50.00 to reset the tire warning system. When I had the tire broke down this year the tire guy showed me a 7 inch long stud that was inside the tire all along.

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    I bought a brand new Aztek back in '02... Matter of fact, I traded my '95 Z71 American Luxury Coach conversion in on it. I went in with 5k miles on it because the passenger door was out of alignment. they brought one of their 6'5 400 pound gorilla-sized techs in to "adjust" the hinges by grabbing the door and wrestling with it until it closed properly. I didn't like it, but there really are no adjustments on the hinges other than to bend them around.

    At 15k miles, all of the 12V power points stopped working and the front wheel bearing was worn out and growling. At 29k miles, it went back for electrical problems and a worn driver's seat where the frame had worn a hole into the upholstery. 2 days after getting it back, it had a slight heating problem on the side of the highway 800 miles from home due to a crack in the fuel tank:

    The end result was GM telling me to "buy another one" and that my insurance and "gap coverage" would take care of the old one...

    That was the one and only new car I have ever bought and I will not buy another one.

    "I bought a brand new car and got burned":

    "It went together didn't it? Well then there has to be a way to take it apart!" - Me.

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    God loves you. Congratulations.

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