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    Quote Originally Posted by 73AMC View Post
    I took it over today and spoke to one of the guys I recognized from when I purchased the truck. I also asked to speak the the SM. I was told that the SM wont be in until next week, he just had a baby. He went and got one of their detailer/bodyshop guys and he brought out some 0000 steel wool. He ran it over and no change. Said it was def under the paint. They call it "rail dust". the truck come in on trains and I guess tiny shards of metal make their way into the paint. They said they had an impala with the same issue before and they wound up replacing all the chrome. So I was asked to bring it by next week once the SM returns.
    Everyone is very nice there, so we'll see come next week.
    *****I dare you to ask what the official procedure in the GM chassis service manual is for iron in the paint and is steel wool on "chrome" and sealed paint a factory approved procedure. If so, are they required to seal the steel wooled portion again?

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    But that flame job does go well with the bright yellow paint, how'd you get such realistic flames?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moogvo View Post
    I bought a brand new Aztek back in '02... Matter of fact, I traded my '95 Z71 American Luxury Coach conversion in on it. I went in with 5k miles on it because the passenger door was out of alignment. they brought one of their 6'5 400 pound gorilla-sized techs in to "adjust" the hinges by grabbing the door and wrestling with it until it closed properly. I didn't like it, but there really are no adjustments on the hinges other than to bend them around.

    At 15k miles, all of the 12V power points stopped working and the front wheel bearing was worn out and growling. At 29k miles, it went back for electrical problems and a worn driver's seat where the frame had worn a hole into the upholstery. 2 days after getting it back, it had a slight heating problem on the side of the highway 800 miles from home due to a crack in the fuel tank:

    The end result was GM telling me to "buy another one" and that my insurance and "gap coverage" would take care of the old one...

    That was the one and only new car I have ever bought and I will not buy another one.

    "I bought a brand new car and got burned":

    At least the headlights worked

    Quote Originally Posted by tbplus10 View Post
    But that flame job does go well with the bright yellow paint, how'd you get such realistic flames?

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

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    CVN-69 "IKE-ATRAZ" AIR/V-2 Gear Dawgs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rileyjr16 View Post
    At least the headlights worked
    I know... Isn't that NUTS?! The BCM which controlled them was gone and every single remaining wire was bare and shorted across the body, yet the headlights still worked... odd. Although I have to say that under normal circumstances, the low and high beams would not have ever been on at the same time.
    "It went together didn't it? Well then there has to be a way to take it apart!" - Me.

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    Oddly enough the majority of pictures you see of cars on fire the headlights are on, they must short out as the last great act of defiance.

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