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    Question 03 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab questions

    Hey, guys i am just starting to customize my truck, and needing some help with lights (interior and exterior), audio, and accessories.

    So for starters, what are the speakers i have in my truck? the stock ones, i want a better system? what are the specs and what do you recommend?

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    Not for sure on the specs of the stock speakers, but I will definitely recommend Alpine type R speakers throughout matched with a 4channel amp for the components, and a decent powered amp for subs. Really is all about personal preference, but I've never been let down by the bang for your buck you get out of Alpine. Same goes with their head units. I put together a pretty decent setup in my 08 for around 500$ by searching ebay. The most expensive thing I bought was the box for the two Type R 10s (full size) under the back seat haha. I didn't replace the component speakers though, as the 08 stock speakers are actually pretty amazing.

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    Curious to know what you're looking for as far as lighting goes on the interior.. I will try and post a video of the lighting i have inside my truck and you can tell me what you think about it. I have 5 12" led strips total, two under the front dash, one under each front seat (near the back for the passengers in the rear to enjoy) and one lighting up my amp space. All except the one lighting the amp space dim with the dash lights using the dimmer switch to prevent blinding myself at night with too much interior lighting (which is important for safety believe it or not) haha

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    as far as lighting, i have already put 2 led strips in my grill, to glow it blue at night with my headlights, and i also have after market fog lights that have a halo that i added as well, so i want to keep blue, to glow the whole floor inside the cab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake DeMoss View Post
    as far as lighting, i have already put 2 led strips in my grill, to glow it blue at night with my headlights, and i also have after market fog lights that have a halo that i added as well, so i want to keep blue, to glow the whole floor inside the cab.
    The video quality is crappy.. but you get the point. LOL

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    Is, there anyone who knows what the specs for the speakers are in my truck? i need to know before i get a head unit and stuff, cause i know i have on star for sure, even though it doesnt work, but do i have 4 or 6 speakers? and what are their sizes???

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    Front speakers
    Front Door: 6-3/4" factory speaker note
    Rear speakers
    Rear Door: 4x6" factory speaker note

    I would also suggest Alpine type R, I personally think these are the best for your money. I plan on purchasing some when the time comes!

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    X2 ^

    In my truck (99 GMC) I have 2 LED strips behind the speaker mesh in the front and one in the rear and now I wish I didn't put them there. Like @08_rado_rocker it actually is a safety thing. HOWEVER, my door switch is bad so they stay on 24/7. They used to come on with the interior lights.

    Now, I'm thinking about putting cool white strips under the dash and somewhere in the back after I replace the door switches and hook them up to the courtesy lights just for the sake of having enough light when I need it.

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    you're going to have four speakers, one per door, and if you look on your pillars there may or may not be two more speakers (tweeters).. dont know that much about that body style interior but that should be the only way you have more than 4 speakers bro

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    Will 6.5 speakers fit my 6 3/4 stock? Because I am searching for 6 3/4 speakers but I mostly find 6.5.

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