I hate it when people call the LOAN that GM got a bailout?? or handout?? I am also a small business owner and haven't gotten a LOAN to keep my business going.. I have gotten 2 loans for 2 new GM trucks that I need to run my business... What's the big Dif ?? GM still needs to pay back the government to which I believe they have in stocks ?? I rarely hear anyone comment on the 2 times Chrysler was bailed out ?? Or loan ?? which ever it was ?? I don't mind buying and driving my 2013 3500HD work truck knowing that it also helps to bailout the US which in my mind is the real problem at this time??? Our government bailing out other countries, when we are so far in a hole as it stands right now ???? As far as my new truck goes I love it !!! Plenty of ass end for my work its not one of those leather seated, fake wood inlaid, weekend warrior, boat and atv trailer haulers. It's a work truck!!! and i'd recommend you all give it a test drive before you switch to the other big boasting truck companies... Also don't just assume the 2500hd is all that much cheaper then the 3500hd... My 2013 3500hd was only $200 more then the identical 2500hd..

Sorry about the rant just my .02