Hey everyone

Just a reminder that there is only 21 DAYS TO GO!!! until the first ever GMTC REGIONAL SUMMER TRUCK MEETS Arrive!! Hope that everyone is going to try and make an effort to go and meet your fellow truck nuts!! and have a blast..

Here are a few links to the maps and the meet information.. Please call or message or email me if you need more detailed information or have any questions... Here are a few reminders:

1) Print out the map and address of the location, including phone number... Yea yea I know.. But someone will forget, and then be scrambling to find it

2) If your bringing your pet; poop bags, water/food dishes and a leash; if your animal is aggressive or in heat or doesn't get along well with other dogs or people please consider leaving them at home with a doggie sitter

3) Try and link up with other members; phone numbers etc.. good to have some contacts

4) Members bringing the banners- please arrive a little earlier and set up, so that other members know where the site is located.. Not that they can't find a bunch of hott rigs parked in one area!! lol

5) Bring your camera and batteries.. I would love to see that all my months of planning paid off, and everyone had a great time..

6) Make sure your truck is running good- I know, I know.. telling a bunch of truck people, BUT.. No spare tire, no emergency kit, no water, road side assistance etc.. makes for grumpy and hot kids, dogs and members...

7) Be safe! and HAVE A BLAST!!

Here is my email address: onefastfire@hotmail.com email if you need to talk..

Thank you all the members; you are why I planned these meets.. I hope that you all have a great time...